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SPA 2019 Fundraiser Art Auction

Text & images by Kerrie Pacholli

SPA (Sunchine Print Artspace) 2019 Fundraiser Art Auction

SPA (Sunchine Print Artspace) 2019 Fundraiser Art Auction

This May saw the Sunshine Print Artspace SPA host it’s 2019 annual Fundraiser Art Auction.

Under the same roof as the prestigious Fundere Fine Art Foundry, SPA presented 96 works of art for auction by 64 contributing artists from all over Melbourne with most works going under the hammer as SOLD.

Unlike most fundraising art auctions, contributing artists are given the option of receiving a percentage of sale of their artwork.

Adrian Spurr co-founder of SPA (Sunchine Print Artspace)

Adrian Spurr co-founder of SPA (Sunchine Print Artspace)

SPA is a non-for profit creative hub, established by Adrian Spurr and his long time colleague Phillip Doggett-Williams. It is an open space providing self-expression and creativity, dedicated to fostering, promoting and facilitating excellence and innovation in artistic practice by providing an access printmaking studio for established and emerging artists and members of our community.

Phillip Doggett-Williams co-founder of SPA

Phillip Doggett-Williams co-founder of SPA

Sunshine Print Artspace – SPA is located at the prestigious Fundere Fine Art Foundry, 29 Western Venue, Sunshine.

Forfront Emma Davies Ghost of stoneware 2019 (polypropylene) background left, Simon Moore ' Blue Shift 2018, right Arthur Powell Chrysler Bulding NY 2017

Forfront Emma Davies Ghost of stoneware 2019 (polypropylene) background left, Simon Moore ‘ Blue Shift 2018, right Arthur Powell Chrysler Bulding NY 2017

Stephen K Amos – Athenaeum Theatre – MICF 2019

Review and images © Kerrie Pacholli

I was again privileged to be part of a very appreciative audience for the fabulous Stephen K Amos at one of my favourite venues The Athenaeum Theatre in Melbourne. Stephen is back in Melbourne, of course, as part of this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2019 or MICF 2019 which I prefer to scribe.

Stephen K Amos MICF 2019 Athenaeum Theatre © PationPics

Stephen K Amos MICF 2019 Athenaeum Theatre

Let’s face it, this man has charisma and stage presence that the Queen would envy.

From what I heard, he travels the world, communicating with audiences from many, many countries and cultures. I suppose the Queen does too…Yet, this man is truly funny. Just thinking about him on stage makes me laugh as I am writing this, this review.

Clearly, he has well oiled jokes up his sleeves for comfort, but the man comes across mostly as spontaneous.

Stephen K Amos MICF 2019 Athenaeum Theatre © PationPics

Stephen K Amos MICF 2019 Athenaeum Theatre 

Engaging with the energy of the audience, particularly probing a few special targets in the first rows. Nothing better in this world than natural quick wit and spontaneity. Except perhaps, very large sums of money to compensate for the lack there of.

Stephen is an artist, a true artist who shares his life’s stories on stage with us. Transforming soul wrenching experiences into bare able positives through humour and generosity. I was so chuffed to get a selfie with the man himself, in the alley, on the way out of the theatre, where he and this friends collected donations for palliative care organisations, inspired by his own family experiences.

It was a true pleasure to experience this man doing his thing. I predict a Knighthood in the not to distant future. But then I do carry on like an over intuitive oracle at times.

It makes all this hard work of creating a MICF 2019 Open Media Review Feature all the more worthwhile. And a special thanks to generosity of Alexis Lalios from Hatching Communications and artist manager  Mary Tobin

Stephen K Amos & Kerrie Pacholli 2019 MICF

Stephen K Amos & Kerrie Pacholli 2019 MICF

The Full Irish at Kicks

Review by Charlotte Watson

Alan McElroy was an exuberant host and first act, tempting audience members to the front row by way of Skittles.

He was charming and energetic but it seemed as though there was more audience interaction than material.

The second act, Ian Coppinger had some great gags and played heavily on his physical appearance. He had some very well crafted jokes and he engaged the audience well with his storytelling skills. Both comics were easy to watch and the sing-song quality of the Irish accent certainly helped too.

The microphone was tinny throughout the performance and the turn around before the next show had the audience feeling rushed out of the room. It would have been great to see more Irish comics in a Full Irish performance but overall it was a fun, high energy show.

3 stars.


YO CARMEN with Maria Pagès at Hamer Hall

Review by Kerrie Pacholli

Art Centre Melbourne Hamer Hall audiences, usually a conservative fraternity, expect the best in comfort, technology and talent. Yet again we were not disappointed.

I do love all that is Art Centre!

YO CARMEN, created by Spain’s most treasured and globally celebrated flamenco choreographer, director and dancer Maria Pagès and her Company consisting of 15 of the Spain’s best writers, dancers and musicians had me hypnotized from the first beguiling fan dance. I was transported through time and space. My soul penetrated by Maria’s vanguard Carmen remake using an effective mix of sound track from Bizet’s 1875 score interwoven with live contemporary flamenco compositions. 


Powerful emotions were ignited, awakening tantalizing hauntings from my childhood of exotic, sexually charged Gypsy flamenco dancers, thunderously stamping their feet and clicking their castanets. Wild and raw gyrating women dancing with not a hair out of place, being tamed and disciplined by the music of their equally exotic powerful male counterparts.

A tear welled from deep within.  I thought, YO CARMEN!

If anyone in that capacity full theatre was hanging out to see Carmen, the bewitching femme fatal  “taken out” by one of her jealous admirers. Well that didn’t happen…

I was taken to a sacred ethereal epicenter of female energy where continuous explosions of power reside and were channeled to ignite, create, transform and transcend. Can be scary for some…

Onstage dancing with her much younger troupe and hidden musicians Maria was part of, yet orchestrated every move, instrument and vocal ingredient. Potent synchronicity and the voyeuristic megalomaniac in me could not get my eyes off Maria. (you know it hides within us all)

Clearly at the top of her game María Pagés is endowed with evolving charisma that comes with intelligence, confidence and in her case athleticism of someone 30 years her junior.

My instincts tell me that the youth of the world need the opportunity to experience the High Magick artistry of María Pagés Compañía.

Yes, I liked the show.

Arts Centre Melbourne and Arts Projects Australia presents


Yo, Carmen

11 – 12 March 2019
Arts Centre Melbourne, Hamer Hall
Tickets now on sale at

Additional performances:

8 – 9 March 2019
WOMADelaide, Botanic Park, Adelaide

Psychic Medium superstar John Edward Downunder

Singer / songwriter Lucy Gale ready to go...

Singer / songwriter Lucy Gale ready to go…

Pation Pics was thrilled to bits to be asked by Dianna O’Neill Publicity to produce an interview with psychic medium superstar John Edward to illuminate his forthcoming Australian tour in November 2014.

This may sound like a straight forward thing to do for some, however, one of our biggest challenges was to brainstorm a line of questioning that would reveal new “secret John Edward business” from one of the world’s most interviewed and probed personalities.

Our interviewer the extraordinary singer / songwriter Lucy Gale was armed with 21 designer questions and she had 40 minutes in which to achieve and deliver our goal.

We were all won over by John’s exceptional warmth, charm and straight shooting honesty.

You will get the chance to decide for yourselves when our unique film footage is released in the not to distant future. This is a must see… 


PERTH                                  RIVERSIDE THEATRE                             FRI NOVEMBER 7

Convention & Exhibition Centre


Bookings:        www.ticketek.com.au

ADELAIDE                             HER MAJESTY’S THEATRE                   SAT NOVEMBER 8


Bookings: www.bass.net.au

MELBOURNE                        HAMER HALL                                            SUN. NOVEMBER 9

6.00pm – 8.00pm

Bookings: www.artscentre.com.au

BRISBANE                             CHANDLER THEATRE                            TUES.NOVEMBER 11

Sleemam Sports Complex


Bookings: www.ticketmaster.com.au

HOBART                               DERWENT ENT. CENTRE                       WED. NOVEMBER 12


Bookings: www.ticketmaster.com.au

SYDNEY                                STATE THEATRE                                      THURS NOVEMER 13


Bookings: www.ticketmaster.com.au



Singer / Songwriter Lucy Gale, Psychic Medium  superstar John Edward and Kerrie Pacholli

Singer / Songwriter Lucy Gale, Psychic Medium superstar John Edward and Kerrie Pacholli.

From violindeed.com Alex Black with Psychic Medium superstar John Edward.

From violindeed.com Alex Black with Psychic Medium superstar John Edward.

Lucy Gale and Sam Tabone with Psychic Medium superstar John Edward.
Lucy Gale and Sam Tabone with Psychic Medium superstar John Edward.

 Camera man Steve Howard with Psychic Medium superstar John Edward.Camera man Steve Howard with Psychic Medium superstar John Edward.


 Tolarno Hotel St Kilda Melbourne











Martin and Lewis Tribute Show Aussie tour



I was first introduced to Tony Lewis and Tom Stevens stars of the Martin and Lewis Tribute Show about four months ago and became an instant fan.

Being in the media for as long as I have, one can not help but to develop a sense for star quality on the rise. And this dynamic comedic duo is well and truly on a meteoric rise on a global scale.

Tom Stevens crowned the best Dean Martin tribute artist ever has been performing to legions of fans in Las Vegas for decades. ‘DownUnder’s’ Tony Lewis also a seasoned veteran of comedy is considered the best Jerry Lewis tribute artist today.

You can imagine how these guys felt when they finally saw each others’ acts via cyberspace a couple of years ago! 

Re-creating much loved original Martin and Lewis skits from the 40”s and 50′s as well as successfully weaving their own written material and contemporary themes into an iconic original comedic formula created by Martin and Lewis, they have created the greatest Martin and Lewis Tribute Show of all time and are playing to sell out audiences in LAS VEGAS.

Recently, signed by Eggman Global this show is now going on the road and to the top.

To get a taste of the glitz and glam of Las Vegas and world class comedic cabaret at its best you can catch this amazing act during their Australian tour. They will be in performing in:

Adelaide on Friday 21st February and Saturday 22nd February at THE OFFICE – 110 Pirie Street, Adelaide SA for bookings call 0412 399 169

Sydney on Sunday the 23rd February 2014 at CLUB FIVE DOCK RSL located at 66 Great North Road, Five Dock NSW for bookings call 0478 693 202

Special accommodation details are available for interstate travellers. Contact Steve on 0412 399 169 for Adelaide bookings, and for Sydney bookings Virginia Moschella on 0478 693 303.

Stay posted for more tour dates…