MICF 2019 – Open Media Review Feature

Open Media Australia is a combo collaboration of stalwarts, PationPics & Mynewsroom.

This year we will be supported by an amazing group of writers to produce a running MICF 2019 Review Feature highlighting  the world’s greatest comedians on the global  circuit.  Comedy is considered one of the hardest acts in the business. And we like hard…

Open Media filmed the highlights of this years official MICF 2019 opening at The Famous Speigeltent, Art Centre

‘UgLeigh’ at The Alex Theatre St Kilda

Aliya Kanani at Coopers Inn MICF 2019

Arj Barker Opening Night – The Athenaeum Theatre

Stephen K Amos – Athenaeum Theatre – MICF 2019

Akmal Salem performing The Palms at Crown

Flo & Joan at the Spiegeltent, MICF 2019

Flo & Joan at the Spiegeltent, MICF 2019 launch.

Flo & Joan gigs at the Melbourne Town Hall. They’re the perfect mix of harmony and humour, with catchy tunes, sweet but sharp lyrics and enviable elocution skills.

‘These intricately crafted, flawlessly performed numbers will have you howling with laughter one minute, wiping away a tear the next. ★★★★’ The Telegraph (UK)

The Full Irish at Kicks

Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2019 story

50 Shades of Grey Musical – Alex Theatre review


Comedy ALLSTARS Supershow Palais Theatre

Spiegeltent launch, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2019









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