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St Kilda Comedy Club ‘open mic’ Tuesdays from 8pm



St Kilda Comedy Club open mic on Tuesday night at 25 Blessington Street, St Kilda 8pm onwards

C J Fortuna MC at St Kilda Comedy Club image by Kerrie Pacholli © 3

C J Fortuna MC at St Kilda Comedy Club image by Kerrie Pacholli ©

The wonderful thing with comedy is that you don’t need a big stage or audience to have a good laugh and a great time.

Three weeks in and I haven’t missed a show so that must be testimony that the gig is good.

Hosted by the St Kilda Comedy Club, 25 Blessington Street, St Kilda is the place to be on a Tuesday night from 8pm.

Resident MC CJ Fortuna warms the crowd for a night of open mic with a smattering of seasoned pros.  With host Paul Blackburn working his butt off serving the odd free cocktail to punters that can hold the vibe and win the trick questions. Always the entrepreneur Paul suggests that you get there early to secure your seats.

Angela Green performing at St Kilda Comedy Club open mic, gaining momentum for her gig at Campari House 13-14 April during the Comedy Festival image by Kerrie Pacholli © pationpics.comAngela Green at St Kilda Comedy open mic image by Kerrie Pacholli ©

Angela Green performing at St Kilda Comedy Club open mic, gaining momentum for her gig at Campari House 13-14 April during the Comedy Festival image by Kerrie Pacholli ©

Old pro Andrew Goodone explaining to Simon Barnett from the complexities of being smooth and sexy image by Kerrie Pacholli ©

Old pro Andrew Goodone explaining to Simon Barnett from about the complexities of being smooth and sexy image by Kerrie Pacholli ©

Redneck Abhishek Panchel lassoing us in at St Kilda Comedy Club open mic image by Kerrie Pacholli ©

Redneck Abhishek Panchel lassoing us in at St Kilda Comedy Club open mic image by Kerrie Pacholli ©


Bill Tolson & The Learners CD launch 10 March 2018

Text & Image by Kerrie Pacholli ©



WHEN: 10 MARCH 2018 – 8pm onwards

Bill Tolson at St Kilda's Luna Park image by Kerrie Pacholli ©

Bill Tolson at St Kilda’s Luna Park image by Kerrie Pacholli ©

Bill Tolson has been in and around Melbourne’s rich music scene from when he was at school with Nick Cave, who would perform in their school cafeteria at Caulfield Grammar.

Not long after leaving school Bill launched and operated the iconic Greville Records that today is still opened as a funky eclectic shop for second hand vinyl & CDs.

After working in music management and starting his indie label Rampant Records Bill’s journey took him to the corporate world where he stayed for a long time.

About three years ago he re emerged as a prolific full time singer / songwriter as a way of dealing with the cataclysmic and tragic death of his son Conor Tolson also a prolific songwriter musician.

Since 2015 Bill has written, produced and release 50 songs and 8 albums. He has performed many solo and support gigs with bands and artists including The Badloves, Hugo Race, Stephen Cummings and Glen Shorrock.

His new CD “A Few More Summers Here” showcases eight of those songs.


St Kilda Latin Festival

When: 23 – 25 February 2018.

Where: O’Donnell Gardens St Kilda opposite Luna Park.

Opening Night for Festival / Latin American Art Exhibition St Kilda 2018:

23 February at 4Diverse Hub, from 6 – 10pm, at 118a Carlisle Street, St Kilda. 





When: 23 – 25 February 2018.

Where: O’Donnell Gardens St Kilda opposite Luna Park.

Opening Night for Festival / Latin American Art Exhibition St Kilda 2018:

23 February at 4Diverse Hub, from 6 – 10pm, at 118a Carlisle Street, St Kilda. 

The first annual St Kilda Latin Festival will take place 23-25 February with music, dance, food and art from Latin America.

The festival will begin with an opening night at 4DVerse Hub featuring an art exhibition with works by talented local Latin American artists, along with music and food from local Latin American restaurants, starting 6pm on 23 February.

The festival, organised by Casablanca Events and supported by City of Port Phillip Local Festivals Fund and 4Dverse, will continue with a full weekend of festivities hosted in St Kilda’s O’Donnell Gardens next to Luna Park.

Pedro Holder, who has spent most of his career working in creative arts promotion in Venezuela and China, said that he noticed that Latin American cultural events in Australia usually include only music, dance and food, so his inclusion of an art exhibition aims to showcase more creative diversity from the region.

“This exhibition brings together some of the great talents of Latin American visual art who reside in Australia, and in doing so helps to overcome some of the stereotypes about Latin American culture as only dance, music and food.

“In future Latin events, we hope to expand even further to include performing arts, film and literature”.


produced ©


Vass Productions present ‘Hand to God’ at the Alex Theatre


Australian Premiere  at The Alex Theatre – St Kilda

Strictly limited season from Feb 22 – Mar 18



The funniest and filthiest broadway show in years finally arrives in Australia.

An irreverent, occasionally shocking, and perpetually hysterical romp to hell and back, Hand To God’s exploration of the ideas of faith, morality, and human nature will leave you sore with laughter.


Susan Popov & Aleksander Vass from Alex Theatre producers of Hand to God mage by Kerrie Pacholli ©

With an all star cast in a brand new Australian production. Featuring Logie and Helpman Award winner Alison Whyte, multiple AFI and Logie award winner Gyton Grantley and Grant Piro, Vass Productions are thrilled to present the Australian premiere of Hand To God, the wickedly funny broadway smash hit.

Nominated for 5 tony awards, and garnering ecstatic reviews,

Hand To God is a wild, subversive, shocking and sidesplittingly funny black comedy that has made waves around the world.

Hand to God producer Kate Whitbret & director Gary Abrahams at Alex Theatre media preview.  


Produced by Kerrie Pacholli for St Kilda News SKN

Kangaroo by Adrian Spurr 11 image by Kerrie Pacholli ©

Adrian Spurr – Artist in Residence

by Kerrie Pacholli ©

Kangaroo by Adrian Spurr 11 image by Kerrie Pacholli ©

Kangaroo by Adrian Spurr 11 image by Kerrie Pacholli ©

Whilst working publicity for the inaugural St Kilda Art Crawl last September I  was on the hunt for a well rounded, highly gifted artist and communicator who could present as a key speaker for the local art community.

I hit pay dirt with local Shakespeare Grove artist in residence Adrian Spurr.

As fortune allowed we galvanised with the spark of genius.  We managed to produce some serious creative waves on the ground for the Crawl in piecing together a pop up gallery at 33 Fitzroy Street St Kilda (Punchinello Pop-Up)  which Adrian curated. This space showcased the collective works of eight artists and attracted a colourful and dynamic patron in local entrepreneur and property owner/ developer Freddie Warschauer.

In due course we caught the eye of the newly commissioned SKN editor Mantis Kane who requested an interview; and who is  keen to spread the word of St Kilda Art and Culture.

I asked Adrian these question…

The head of Zeus, standing almost a metre high, king of the gods of Mount Olympus by sculptor Adrian Spurr image by Kerrie Pacholli ©

The head of Zeus,, king of the gods of Mount Olympus, standing almost a metre high in sandstone, by sculptor Adrian Spurr. Purchased by Freddie Warschauer opening night of ‘me human’ exhibition at The Gallery – St Kilda Town Hall image by Kerrie Pacholli ©

What pictures of artworks other than your own do you  currently have in your studio?

I have several pictures of limestone heads that originally adorned great Gothic Cathedrals of Northern Europe. Vandals and iconoclasts knocked them off and defaced them back in the day. To me they are beautiful and alive, not with the humanism of the renaissance but the deep mysticism of the medieval.

What was the first piece of Art that really mattered to you?

My dad was a geologist who travelled the world and often brought home things like masks and indigenous artworks. They were curious to me. But my personal awakening was a Cubism exhibition I saw at the Tate in London. I then understood how art can change the world and could change me.

If you were not a visual artist what would you be?

I’d be a poet. I still occasionally get up and recite at poetry slams.

Where is your studio?

I work in the Shakespeare Grove Artist studios in Chaucer Street. I’ve got to say it’s the best studio I’ve ever had. My studio is right on the corner of the Peanut Farm with a beserk yellow smiley face painted on the roller door. I open the studio on the first Saturday of every month to coincide with the St. Kilda Farmer’s Market. Everyone’s welcome to drop in and see what I’m making.

What projects are you currently working on?

Lots. I’ve just finished a really successful show at The Gallery, St Kilda Town Hall.

In the studio I’ve commenced some large reductive wood sculptures. But the big project I’ve been working on for a couple of years with Phil Doggett Williams and the Fundere Foundry is establishing a not for profit, open access printmaking studio in Sunshine (SPA) . It will cover all print media, screen printing on paper and fabric, relief and intaglio printing and lithography.

Check out the website! sunshine print We expect it to be a significant contributor to the Melbourne Art community. 


SPA (Sunshine Print Artspace) at Fundere Foundary image Kerrie Pacholli ©

What is it about St. Kilda that you like?

When I lived in Sydney and for all the years I lived in Europe whenever I met someone from Melbourne they always came from St. Kilda! When I came to live in Melbourne I started living here too and haven’t left. It’s as good as or better than anywhere in the world. It’s got a very cool, artsy vibe.

What music are you currently listening to?

Lonesome Whistle, a tribute album for Maurice Frawley which includes covers by so many bands I’ve seen here in St Kilda. And Arvo Part because I’m going to see a concert of his music later this month.

What are you reading?

Nowadays I only read books with pictures in them unless they’re reference or poetry. In my studio I have ‘Light on Stone’ a photographic essay. On the go at home ‘Rapture’; poems by Carol Ann Duffy and Jung’s Psychology of the Transference, because I’m a sucker for the collective unconscious.


Bell’uomo by Adrian Spurr image by Kerrie Pacholli ©

What is Art for?

It enables me to make sense of the world that I inhabit but Julian Burnside said to me once that ‘society is made up of two things, the rule of law and a deep respect for Art and Culture.’ That sounds pretty good to me!

What is your vision for regenerating St. Kilda as an Art and Cultural centre in Melbourne?

Well that has to be a three way venture. The City of Port Phillip, local business and Artists. As a venue St Kilda can’t be beat! It’s got the best location and it’s got a deep well of arts vibe. The St. Kilda Art Crawl is a good start in this regard and offers an opportunity for amateurs and professionals to get involved. But look how Stonnington has developed the Toorak sculpture prize into such a popular and high profile event. I won the Toorak prize in 2012 and haven’t looked back.


Helena, daughter of Zeus, standing about one metre high in limestone by Adrian Spurr, image by Kerrie Pacholli ©




David Campbell starring as Bobby Darin in Dream Lover image by Kerrie Pacholli ©

Dream Lover has hit Melbourne like a dazzling and magnificent tsunami of entertainment.

From subject matter in the late, great Bobby Darin through to the original concept and stage play by John Michael Howson and co-writer Frank Howson, adapted for the stage by Frank Howson, Simon Phillips and Caroline Burns through to all the outstanding production team and performances.

The dynamics and genius that fuel this years stage extravaganza in Dream Lover will continue to reverberate.


Hannah Fredericksen starring at Sandra Dee in Dream Lover image by Kerrie Pacholli ©

I was fortunate enough to be at the second dress rehearsal before opening night.

From beginning to end my body pulsated with toe tapping glee to Bobby Darin’s iconic and  heart warming songs from the fifties and sixties, arranged and conducted by legendary musical supervisor Guy Simpson and performed so beautifully by his amazing orchestra.



Amon Prete as the young Bobby Darin and Marina Prior as Polly image by Kerrie Pacholli ©

The synchronicity between the flawless performances by the actors, the music, the sound design by Michael Waters, the oh so effective and atmospheric lighting design by Paul Jackson, the razor sharp costume design by Tim Chappel and choreography by Andrew Hallsworth; all showcased within one of the most versatile and  sophisticated set designs by Brian Thompson.

The collective genius played me like a Stradivarius emotionally.  I was transported back to my early childhood where Hollywood’s magic and romance reigned.

Needless to say, I really enjoyed the show and would like to thank producers John and Barbara Gilbert from Gilbert Theatrical, the legendary John Frost of GFO and last but not least Director Simon Phillips along with the cast and crew, all of whom received a deserving standing ovation.

By Kerrie Pacholli

Dream Lover’ is on until 1 March 2018 at Arts Centre Melbourne.





‘One World’ exhibition by John Barcham

Sponsored by World Expeditions

‘One World’ exhibition

by John Barcham

Sagra Gallery

256 Glenferrie Road, Malvern

1 – 16 December 2017

“One World” is my response as an artist to the experience of travel.

The world is a wonderful place and those of us fortunate enough travel to remote and fragile places realise the importance of responsible and sustainable travel.  I hope that ‘One World’ will inspire some viewers to go and see some of these places, not “before they go” but because responsible, sustainable travel is one part of helping to Preserve them for future generations.

John Barcham 2017

Photographs by Kerrie Pacholli


2.Good Friday, San Marco in Lamis, Puglia, Italy 80 x 80 cm, Oil on cotton by John Barcham $1,200

1.-Good-Friday-San-Marco-in-Lamis-Puglia-Italy-80-x-80-cm-Oil-on-cotton-by-John-Barcham-1200-.jpg December 4, 2017

1. Good Friday, San Marco in Lamis, Puglia, Italy 80 x 80 cm, Oil on cotton by John Barcham $1,200


3. Good Friday, San Marco in Lamis, Puglia, Italy 80 x 80 cm, Oil on cotton by John Barcham $1,200


4. Good Friday, San Marco in Lamis, Puglia, Italy 80 x 80 cm, Oil on cotton by John Barcham $1,200


18. The Matriach, Tanzania 45 x 42 cm. Oil on board by John Barcham $550

19. Serengati Queen 45 x 42 cm. Oil on board by John Barcham $550


20. Tarengiri River Tanzania 45 x 42 cm. Oil on board by John Barcham $550









The Crucifixion by Adrian Spurr ‘me human’ exhibition


Helena by Adrian Spurr image by Kerrie Pacholli ©

me human’ exhibition by Master print maker , painter and sculptor Adrian Spurr, now showing at The Gallery,  St Kilda Town Hall until the 22 November 2017.

A must see for all serious artists, enthusiasts and art collectors.

Where: The Gallery, St Kilda Town Hall – 99a Carlisle Street, St Kilda.

When: October 25 to 22 November 2017

Times: 8.30 am to 5pm Monday to Friday.


Josephine Celeste – Life Purpose Guide – Are You a Twin Flame?

Event: Are You a Twin Flame?

Where: John Pierce Centre- 25 High Street, Prahan.

When: Sunday 3rd December 2017 from 10am to 5pm

Cost: $190 with afternoon Tea provided BYO lunch

Bookings: 0410 190 593


Psychic and Shamanic Healer Josephine Celeste

Psychic and Shamanic Healer Josephine Celeste has been working in the field as a professional for over 25 years.

She has designed a very special 5 hour workshop Are You a Twin Flame?

Some of the questions that will be addressed on the day include:

Are you happy in life?

Would you like to be in a relationship or improve the one your are in?

Is there an area in your life you would like to change?

Do you want to fulfil your soul purpose, or is something stopping you?

This workshop has been designed for both the initiated and unitiated  to empower you and give you the tools to create your future with love.

Testimonials and five star rankings from Google: 

Palatina Negara – ***** 2 months ago – “A truly gifted healer. Must see if you want to transform your life”

Jemma Robertson***** 2 months ago – “Josephine, I just wanted to say thank you, you have given me clarity, shown and guided me towards the most favoured decisions in my life and given me the tools and confidence to help myself immensely!! Your readings have been incredibly accurate regarding my future and have helped me without fault and I cannot thank you enough.

…I have had healing sessions with Josephine as well as readings.
I would absolutely 100% recommend seeing Josephine as she is a very powerful healer, after one session I felt like I had come back into myself, clearer head and I felt so much more at ease about things like something had changed or shifted inside of myself.
I’m looking forward to seeing you soon 🙂 xx

Natasha Singh ***** 3 months ago – Teacher ,Mentor and Spiritual anchor ,my journey start with Josephine when i was not at all feeling anything . I learn a lot with Josephine best thing is she never told what to look , as she always told me everyone is different and everyone journey is different in this path . Since childhood i had anger issue , with life experience i got anxiety as well . she help me in overcoming everything . She got very loving vibration around her . She is like spirit guide who show u path and guide u , i just have to follow up to perfection . Lot of time i feel like running away but her teaching is like anchor in tough time . I normally ask her “”why can’t everything finish in one day and i become enlighten (like u ) “” she reply “”it is about journey not destination “” , it is about patience ,discipline . I remember time when i don’t understand or listen to her as coming from normal world but with time i understand how true her each word .Today i am very comfortable being myself ,my anger is gone and i don’t look for relationship constantly . It is hard to express in words how much thankful i am to God that Josphine is there in my life to guide me in spiritual path . Thanks Josphine for helping me to connect me to my higher self . In Some culture we say GURU (teacher)is next to GOD as he/she teach meaning of life that is completely true for you .Person who help in understanding my “”life purpose””.

Melissa Yeung – ***** 2 months ago – I’ve always meditated and had some understanding of the higher mysteries. However at the start of 2017, something in me needed more guidance and I was guided to meet with Josephine. Josephine has sinced helped me evolve and grow my spiritual awareness and guided me in times of need.

by Kerrie Pacholli ©