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Award-winning Australian director Robert Chuter has built a reputation for testing the boundaries of theatre, film and other visual mediums. Gaining comparisons to Fassbinder and Greenaway for his dazzling and provocative imagery, Chuter has given audiences over 210+ complex, controversial and visually stunning productions in film and theatre.With his groundbreaking spite-specific highly praised productions such as La Miracle de la Rose, Loving Friends andLady Chatterley’s Lover, he earned himself a reputation as a formidable creative mind.

Chuter studied with the world renown Lindsay Kemp and Company both here in Australia and London, St. Martin’s YouthTheatreandtheMelbourneTheatreCompanyYouthTheatre. In1981,afterattendingtheVictorianCollegeof the Arts – School of Drama, he was trainee director at the Queensland Theatre Company in Brisbane. He was accepted into the prestigious Swinburne Film and Television School in 1983 along with such luminaries as John Hillcoat, Paul Goldman, Richard Lowenstein, Clayton Jacobson, Jonathan M. Shiff, Andrew Dominik, Aleksi Vellis, Geoffrey Wright, GillianArmstrongandothers. He has a also produced many films Lilith, Tax, XOS; A Cry for Help,Letting Go,In From the Sea and the cult film Killer Zombies and as an actor has appeared in Ad Flow, Unnatural Causes, Bedtime Story, Tax , Dust Off, Jacob’s Dream, Carbon Black and the cult films Salt, Saliva, Sperm and Sweat (1988 Best Australian Short at Melbourne International Film Festival and AFI nomination – Best Soundtrack) Shut In (2000 Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, 1988 Sydney Film Festival (Judges Commendation), broadcast by Canal+ 1987, St. Kilda Film Festival rated a “Classic” in the Joe Bob Briggs Report. He also featured in the documentaries Before and After Swinburne and more recently Fearless screened on ABC-TV 1, Ovation – Foxtel and worldwide.

The Dream Children (2015) represents his debut as a feature film director and producer. The film was screened at both American and European Film Markets. In =

Chuter’s work has been officially selected in a number of the international film festivals:

Film-Com Down Under – Perth, Western Australia
Melbourne Queer Film Festival (opening night film with a reprised screening), Melbourne Made In Melbourne Film Festival, Melbourne
Miami International Film Festival, Miami, US
Indianapolis Film Festival, Indiana, US
Kashish Mumbai International Film Festival, India
30th Torino International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Italy
21st Thessaloniki International LGBTIQ Film Festival, Thessaloniki, Greece

His debut feature film also screened and distributed by Media Luna Films in Germany, by Artifilms throughout the Netherlands, Pro-Fund Media in Switzerland, Austria and was released last April by FilmRise in North America. Recently, it was released in the US on iTunes, Amazon Plus, Netflix and in Australia on haView and Ozflix. He is currently in post production for his second feature A Beautiful Request due for release in Spring 2019. In 2017 he co-produced the feature film Insomnia City for Moon Room Films and is wrapping on the indie featureHow Deep Is The Ocean which he produced.

In 1990, Chuter won a Green Room Award for his highly acclaimed production of In Angel Gear at the Irene Mitchell Studio as part of the Next Wave Festival. As a theatre director, his work include: Marooned(Athenaeum Theatre), The Fastest Clock in the Universe (Chapel Off Chapel), Heights (La Mama), The Death of Peter Pan (La Mama and Chapel Off Chapel), The Hive (La Mama), Dimboola (La Mama), Half A Person: My Life As Told by The Smiths (Chapel Off Chapel and Newtown Theatre), The Object of Desire (La Mama),Homme Fatale (Pleasance Theatre, London and Theatreworks), Fresh Pleasures (Pleasance Theatre, London),Lady Chatterley’s Lover (Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney), The Great Gatsby (Rippon Lea), Seven Little Australians (Rippon Lea), Anne of Green Gables (Tranby House and Rippon Lea), November Spawned A Monster (Old Fitzroy Theatre) All I Will Ever Be (Chapel Off Chapel), Upside Down at the Bottom of the World(QueenslandTheatreCompany), Almost(FairfaxStudio),LifeAsASpringerShow(FairfaxStudio), Teleny(Chapel Off Chapel), The Choir (Brightspace Gallery), Tipping Point (Fairfax Studio), The Needle and the Damage Done (La Mama Courthouse), Thieving Boy/Like Stars in My Hands (La Mama Courthouse),

Restoring the Picture of Dorian Grey (La Mama), Rebel Without A Cause (Union Theatre), Sal (La Mama),Oblomov’s Dream (Jermyn Street Theatre, London), Miles Franklin and the Rainbow’s End (The Blue Room and Theatreworks), The Singing Forest (Theatreworks), Falling So Slowly (Irene Mitchell Studio) , Five Minute Call (The Butterfly Club), The Lost (Chapel Off Chapel), A Thousand and One Night Stands (Theatreworks), The Murderer’s Barbeque (La Mama), Women in Love (Rippon Lea), The Turn of the Screw (Rippon Lea), The White Rose and the Blue (Council Chambers Melbourne Town Hall), A Singular Man (Old Treasury Building),Perks (Mietta’s), The Yellow Book (Mietta’s), Little Lord Fauntleroy (Rippon Lea), Sunset Children (La Mama),An Indian Summer (Rippon Lea), Good Morning Midnight! (La Mama) Les Pecheurs de Perles (Victoria State Opera), Loving Friends (Rippon Lea), I Danced With a Girl Who Danced with the Prince of Wales (Rippon Lea Ballroom), Figures in Glass (Irene Mitchell Studio), Kisses for Vera (La Mama), Shipwreck! (La Mama), Music of Orpheus and Other Short Pieces (La Mama) Quintessence (La Mama), Isadora (Universal Theatre), Nijinsky(Universal Theatre), The Murderer’s Song (La Mama), The Spalding Family Album (Playbox Theatre and Universal Theatre), Two Tigers (La Mama), Esther (Guild Theatre and La Mama), The Dream Children (La Mama Courthouse), Curtains (Grant Street Theatre), Johnny So Long (Arena Theatre) , They Shoot Horses Don’t They?(Grant Street Theatre), Stage Door (Randall Theatre), Exploration (Play Six) and The Seagull (Organ Factory).

As a theatre producer, Chuter has produced Life (Randall Theatre), The Polish Girl (Playbox Theatre),Stravanganaza (Napier Street Theatre), No Room for Dreamers (Spoleto Fringe Festival), The Secret Garden(Rippon Lea), Anne of Green Gables (Rippon Lea), Anthony Breslin’s Trybe: An Opera in Paint (Chapel Off Chapel), Lady Sings the Blues (The Butterfly Club), The Three Divas (The Butterfly Club), Shakin’ The Blues Away (The Butterfly Club and Statement Lounge), Vodou: Songs of the Spirit (The Butterfly Club), Jane Badler (The Continental), Do You Know the Way to Ballarat? (The Butterfly Club), Blowing It (The Owl and the Cat Theatre) and Skids (Comedy Cafe).

Chuter’s awards and nominations include:

AAV Australia Award Winner – Best Short Film Production – The Mortal Coil
Victorian Premiere’s Literary Award Winner – Louis Esson Prize for Drama – The Hive
Green Room Award nomination – Best New Play – In Angel Gear
Green Room Award nomination – Best Production, Design and Director – Heights – Christian Wagstaff and Robert Chuter
Sydney Mardi Gras Award nomination – Outstanding Performing Arts Event – La Miracle de la Rose
Green Room Award nomination – Best Production, Director and Supporting Actress – The Hive – Robert Chuter and Louise Fox
Green Room Award nomination – Best Supporting Actor – The Death of Peter Pan – John Paisley
Green Room Award nomination – Best Supporting Actresses – Figures in Glass – Louise Kan
Green Room Award nomination – [Fringe] Best Actor – The Murderer’s Barbeque – Mick O’Malley
Short & Sweet Melbourne 2007 – People’s Choice Award Top 30 – Almost
Short & Sweet Melbourne 2007 – Best Female Actor Award – Almost – Nicola Wright
Short & Sweet Melbourne 2007 Nomination – Best Independent Theatre Company – Almost – Fly-On-The- Wall Theatre
Short & Sweet Melbourne 2007 Nomination – Judges’ Choice – Best Overall Production – Almost
Short & Sweet Melbourne 2007 Nomination – Best Drama Writing – Almost – Krista Dalby
Short & Sweet Melbourne 2007 Nomination – Best Director – Almost – Robert Chuter

Melbourne Writers’ Theatre/ – Melborn08 – People’s Choice Award – The Needle and the Damage DoneBarcelona International Film Festival – Diversity Award – The Dream ChildrenTaffy Davis Memorial Award 2015 nomination for Most Outstanding Independent Production – November Spawned A Monster.

Chuter produced, hosted, curated exhibitions and events with artists such as Kent Morris on The Double Infant and The Kitchen Child, and Josie Wadelton on Defaced: The Exhibition. In 2005 and 2006 he producedtwo successfulseasonsoftheMidsummaSaturdayAfternoonPlayreadingsatTheButterflyClub hosted by John Michael-Howson and Mark Lee followed in 2008 by the Melborn08 Readings at ACOPA with Lucien Savron, Alex Broun, Ray Mooney and Rob George. He also produced 4PLAY – The Chapel Midsumma Rehearsed Readings in 2010 at Chapel Off Chapel hosted by Jane Badler, Marcus Graham and Anton Enus.

In 1999 and 2008, Chuter was Artistic Director for both Transit 99 – StyleAid for the Victorian AIDS Council and Melborn08 for the Melbourne Writer’s Theatre. His popular work in youth and student theatre included drama consultant for the Victorian Youth Theatre Association and co-ordinator of the Drama Careers Week for the Education Department’s Special Services Branch, drama tutor at the State Drama Camp and co-ordinator of the Drama Careers Day with Sigrid Thornton. He was also production assistant and programming assistant on Popcorn Taxi at the State Film Centre and ACMI working with directors such as Wim Wenders, Werner Hertzog and Jim Sheridan. From 2012-2014 Chuter produced and hosted Chapel Off Chapel’s popular series AnAfternoonWith…featuringmanyhighprofileandfilmindustryguests.Heisalsoaartsreviewer for ArtsHub and a freelance writer for the St. Kilda Times. Currently working on his first book Agnes Dobson: Darling of the Stalls.

Chuter’s music videos include It’s Magic – John Justin [Mushroom Records], Devil Smile – The Naturals [Wheatley Organisation],TimeHealsEverything-Pludo,ColoursoftheSky–Pludoand Frenemies–PludoandGrace-ASound Mind.


‘Chuter’s productions have often resembled detailed paintings and are either breathtakingly beautiful or reminiscent of Dante’s Inferno – hellish but equally breathtaking in their depth and complexity…’ – Richard Walsh, Arts Hub

‘Why can you say about Chuter? He has directed a genuine 20th century tragedy – salacious, moving and intensely erotic…’ — Alison Croggon, The Bulletin

“Chuter creates stunning scenes worthy of Fassbinder or Derek Jarman and more remarkable than anything Peter Greenaway has filmed…” -Chris Boyd, Australian Financial Review

‘This production certainly could have fallen into less capable hands than that of director Robert Chuter, who thankfully avoided sappy melodrama with which a less-experienced director may have been tempted…” – Theatre Press

‘Under the masterly director of Robert Chuter, he transports the audience into his character’s lives with skilled artistry and a dash of escapism…” – Melbourne Observer

‘Chuter’s carefully handled play is worth revisiting if not for the pithy script of relatable sentiment, then for the beautifully controlled performances of a cast…” – Australian Stage

‘With credit to Chuter’s direction, the cast does make excellent use of the stage and performances that are bound to make Downton Abbey green with envy…’ – ArtsHub

‘Robert Chuter’s focus on and image of this production is breathtaking. Australian theatre at its unrivalled best.’ –

Theatre Press

‘Intelligent direction… Chuter does an excellent job directing. It’s a tribute to Chuter and his actors…’ – Leonard Radic, The Age

“Chuter has managed to craft a strong and endearing adaptation, never for a moment laying on false sentiment or resorting to literal-minded approaches… assured direction, well focused and entertaining…” – The Australian

“Robert Chuter’s production is rather old fashioned– but fortunately the play is never allowed to get too stuffy; Chuter directs with a pleasing lightness and punctuates the proceeding with unexpected but welcome snippets of music by The Cure, songs which serve to compliment the play’s overall mood…” – Music OMH

‘Director Robert Chuter has graced s with terrific and memorable productions. Throughout Chuter’s almost cinematic production we are no stranger’s to the challenging material….’ – Paul Andrew

‘I hope this goes into production again… and with someone like Ken Russell at the helm, well…’ – Juke Magazine

“He [Chuter] has been compared to Derek Jarman to Fassbinder and has won a Green Room Award…” – The Age

‘Robert Chuter is indicative of an unusual talent’ – Margaret McCluskey, The Melbourne Times

‘Robert Chuter is an artist responsible for some of the most spectacular and stunning productions seen in Melbourne in the last 20 years’ – Herald-Sun

‘The play is directed by avant-garde and post enfant terrible, Robert Chuter! – Melbourne Times”Robert Chuter’s production is remarkable for its effects. Visually, it is arresting…” – The Age

“Robert Chuter’s episodic production resembles a camp theatricalisation of ‘Dungeons + Dragons'” – Melbourne Times

“Chuter is obviously seeking notoriety, but if an audience is asleep, it can’t be shocked.” – Melbourne Times’Chuter is one of Melbourne’s busiest directors…’ – MCV

“Director Robert Chuter is known for his strong, controversial, visually oriented way of working [it is not for nothing he has been called the Ken Russell of Melbourne Theatre].” – Melbourne Times

“Chuter has an extensive and varied record. He is a prolific director with a knack for creating theatre that is cinematic, challenging and exciting – even salacious…” – Herald Sun

“Direction and performances are excellent – Richard Watts, Man About Town


A MIXED BAG by Roberto Chuter





AfterMATH: ASH WEDNESDAY by Roberto Chuter

DEMOLITION DERBY by Roberto Chuter

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