WHO lS THAT? (a masked singer tribute show)

Text by Natalie Evans, Images by Kerrie Pacholli

A fun atmosphere filled The Evelyn Hotel this January for a bushfire fundraiser, with money donated to WIRES. 

Musician, artist and entrepreneur Bridget Chilver from the band Bridget and the Fridge Magnates  orchestrated a tribute show to Channel 10’s The Masked Singer by networking with Melbourne musicians to create a truly unique show.

The masks were made by Bridget and Ashley Warren at Saint Pauls College in Warrigal. The participating singers also contributed to the ideas for what character they would be and their choice of song.

The multi-talented four piece backing band with Layla-Rai Cambourne (Girl Germs/Albert Street) on keys/bass, Daniel Oke (Jarrow/Scraggers) on drums/bass/keys, Pete Stathopoulos (Fivefours) guitar and  James Pacholli (HOTS) on drums/bass didn’t miss a beat providing a professional sound for each singer.

Popular frontman Rhys Renwick from the Rhysics also did a great job keeping the vibe alive by sharing clues for the audience and the judges to guess the identity of who was behind the mask.


The room was packed and the vibe was high with 90 plus, very enthusiastic punters. Three hours of entertainment went by in a flash with eight masked singers hitting the stage with highly charged performances.

The masked singers’ included  Fairy Floss performed by Calum Newton (Candy), Princess Fiona performed by Yura Iwama (Culte), Beaker by Jack Kong (Gonzo), Hannibal by Georgia Maq (Camp Cope), Alice by Imogen Cygler (just goes by Imogen Cygler), Baby Yoda by Sam Lyons (House Deposit), Phish by the very athletic Rosco Elliott (Spike the river) Jester by Agnes Whalan (Hexdebt).

A small but very prestigious trophy was given to the audience member who guessed all the singers behind the masks and got to choose a mask to take home.

Baby Yoda proved irresistible.

A lot of work, collaboration and fun went into this very successful event and I do believe that the next WHO IS THAT?  (a masked singer tribute show) is on the boil, so stay tuned to this vibrant local music scene.