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Cheung’s Meridian Therapy / Iso Chi

William Chueng is Grandmaster of Wing Chun Kung Fu and one of the world’s leading Chinese Medical Doctors.

He is certified under the Chinese Medicine Registration Board of Victoria, and a member of the Australian Chinese Traditional Orthopaedics Association Inc.  He is a guest Professor at Foshan Sports University (China), and assigned as Senior Research Professor of the Bone Research Department to Beijing Chinese Medical University (China).  He is an author of eight books on health and well-being and currently lectures in more than a dozen countries as well as having a standing invitation to teach at Yale University in Connecticut, USA.

In 1972, Grandmaster Chueng was the honoured custodian for the five hundred year old ancient Chinese Medical Scrolls containing secrets in herbal formulae and Meridian / Pressure Point treatments for various illnesses and disorders. These scrolls have been traditionally handed down by famous Chinese doctors and grand masters for the past two thousand years.

During the last forty years or more, with his knowledge from the scrolls and through years of tireless research he has developed the most effective healing programs in Cheung’s Meridian Therapy (CMT) and ISO CHI.

Cheung’s Meridian Therapy (CMT) has been scrutinized by the medical profession in the USA, Europe and Asia and his Chinese Medical Development is widely accepted by hospitals and clinics around the world.

CMT takes a surprisingly simple, but highly effective and holistic approach to healing. It deals with health problems at the source and is amazingly effective.

The ISO-CHI Program is a most effective health, fitness and wellbeing program which combines Isometric and Chi Kung (internal energy) exercises.

The development of these programs incorporates Grandmaster Williams Chueng’s accumulative knowledge from over a half a century’s experience in Wing Chun Kung Fu, traditional Chinese medicine and research of human anatomy and physiology. These are holistic, state of the art health and fitness programs that are suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Products manufactured and endorsed by Dr. William Cheung

Cheung’s Massage Cream – $45









This soothing herbal Chinese massage cream formulated by Grandmaster William Chueng is to be applied externally.  It is a combination of a powerful and effective herbal mixture  for the treatment of:

* Rheumatism

* Tennis Elbow

* Stiff Neck

* Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

* Arthritis

* Back Pain

* Fibrositis

* Sprains & Bruises

Products endorsed by Dr. William Cheung 

King of Linzhi Mushroom Extract – $200


Purported Health Benefits of Antrodia Cinnamomea

• Supports liver function: studies show that it helps improve liver function damaged by excessive alcohol consumption, food poisoning, or hepatitis C

• Protects against viral infection: studies report that it exhibits anti-hepatitis B effects

• Combats inflammation

• Exhibits antioxidant properties: reduces oxidative damage caused by free radicals

• Boosts immune system: studies reveal that it prevents infection by stimulating the production of T lymphocytes

• Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to inhibit and treat liver cancer






11 Benefits of Isometric Exercises that will Revolutionise your Training

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