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Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2019 story

Text & Image by Kerrie Pacholli

Tommy Little Comedian & MC at the MICF 2019 launch

The team at Open Media is thrilled to be able to produce some unique highlights of the iconic Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2019 highlights. We will be reviewing a broad mix of homegrown and international talent for your viewing pleasure. So stay tuned…

Produced © Open Media

Filmed by Tim Barnett Edited by Simon Barnett

Spiegeltent launch, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2019

Story & Pics by Kerrie Pacholli


Crowd at the MICF 2019 launch © PationPics_9774
Spiegeltent Art Centre at the MICF 2019 launch 

This year I got my (you know what together) and managed to successfully communication with the fine folk in the publicity department of this years MICF 2019. Needless to say Open Media has been warmly welcomed into the fold.

Special thanks to relatively new kid on the block Jodi Crocker Social Set Media, Public Relations, Marketing and Social Media, 5/34 Grey Street, St Kilda 318,+61 403 026 000 ,jodi@socialsetmedia.com.au

VIP's at the Spiegeltent, MICF 2019 launch © PationPics_9772
Big Wigs at the Spiegeltent, MICF 2019 launch 

The launch at The Famous Spiegeltent Art Centre was quite a treat, with all the big wigs graciously giving their utmost support. I suppose that has mostly always been the case, however this is the first time I witnesses it.

Hannah Gadsby at Spiegeltent, MICF 2019 launch © PationPics0006
Hannah Gadsby at Spiegeltent, MICF 2019 launch 

Poster girl Hannah Gadsby performing at Hamer Hall , a talented comedian that has worked her bootie off for years on the circuits was honour if not gobsmacked to be given this prestigious elevation. Well done I say.

Flo & Joan at the Spiegeltent, MICF 2019
Flo & Joan at the Spiegeltent, MICF 2019 launch.

Flo & Joan gigs at the Melbourne Town Hall. They’re the perfect mix of harmony and humour, with catchy tunes, sweet but sharp lyrics and enviable elocution skills.

‘These intricately crafted, flawlessly performed numbers will have you howling with laughter one minute, wiping away a tear the next. ★★★★’ The Telegraph (UK)

 the Spiegeltent, MICF 2019 launch © PationPics_0082
Captain Cauliflower & Marvin the Mischievous Mouse at the Spiegeltent, MICF 2019 launch

 Side-splitting, stiff-upper-lipped hilarity from critically-acclaimed UK comedy duo Dan Lees and Neil Frost. This is classic British absurdity at its best. Dressed in bowler hats and mismatching suits, these charming and eccentric English gents will bring the belly laughs with their trademark mix of physical comedy and quick-fired wit. The Establishment’s unique and infectiously funny style will plunge you into a world of the absurd and leave your ribs well and truly tickledMalthouse Theatre

Carla Wills & Urvi Majumdar from SASS ATTACK! Spiegeltent, MICF 2019 launch
Carla Wills & Urvi Majumdar from SASS ATTACK! Spiegeltent, MICF 2019 launch

SASS ATTACK , …dark, it’s sassy and it’s really funny. Who are we gonna sass? Our ex-boyfriends? The elderly in the supermarket? People that wear woollen headbands? Nothing is off limits!

Tommy Little Comedian & MC at the MICF 2019 launch

Last but not least maestro of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival launch at Melbourne’s Famous Spiegeltent, Tommy Little MC. at Art Centre Melbourne


Lowdown Hokum Orchestra and Burlesque Revue at Spiegeltent














 Doc White

Last Saturday night the iconic Wonderland Fun Park Spiegeltent in Docklands played host to the spectacular Lowdown Hokum Orchestra and Burlesque Revue.


Bettie Bombshell

Creator of the show ‘Blues man’ Doc White, also on vocals and guitar, conceived of this cleverly constructed and very entertaining musical pulling together a group of talented artists to see his vision come to life. Using a variety of songs by different artists a storyline takes shape.

Supported on stage by one of Australia’s premier jazz stylists,, the vivacious Nichaud Fitzgibbon, the story unfolds through song and narration delivered by director Mark Cutler, taking us on fantasy filled ride further enriched by exotic performances by burlesque queens Mimi Le NoireBettie Bombshell and Minnie Monroe.


Mimi Le Noire and Nichaud Fitzgibbon

The story line follows two people who meet as teenagers in school and form both a musical and personal connection that begins to deteriorate as they become successful. They loose contact, before a chance meeting 25 years later reunites the pair and they discover they still feel that initial chemistry and want to keep making music together. The bump n’ grind of the sexy burlesque performances give an edginess to the show end enhances the emotional impact of each song.



Mimi Le Noir and Minnie Monroe.

With an outstanding band in Alex Black on violin and mandolin, Peter Howell on double bass, Tony Martin on drums, Aaron Searle on sax, clarinet and guitar as well as an extra special performance by Mike Rudd on vocals and harmonica the atmosphere created by the show proved to be an audience winner.

Alex Black and Aaron Searle