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Sara Pascoe vs Truth

Sara Pascoe vs Truth UK performing  27 March - 20 April at Melbourne Town Hall
Sara Pascoe vs Truth UK performing  at Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014 – 27 March – 20 April at Melbourne Town Hall

 Sara Pascoe comes out to the audience armed with a glass of red wine and immediately and mindfully tries to sabotage her own show.

She then challenges herself to win back the audience. She admits she did this in Cardiff, Wales calling it her favourite part of England – which by doing so lost her her audience, who then booed all through her allotted 18 minutes. Melbourne is much too polite to do this and she de-quagmires herself, from the initial purposeful faux pas, during the rest of the show. She delves into whether or no she is an alcoholic and, well, one has to question whether  the lady protests too much.

Sara messes with the illusion of reality and her part in it as a struggling ethical, vegan, feminist. She doesn’t hector but unwraps her slice of life through a deep philosophical lens: whether she explores the transubstantiation of a communion wafer, her own existence or why she has abandoned hairdressers and padded bras. She feels dissociated from the world and often at times feels she is just a brain in a laboratory in some cosmic joke of an experiment. She engages us in laughter by her cleverness and her own knowing futility of self.

revue by Connor O’Neil

DATES & TIMES: 22 Shows 27 Mar – 20 Apr

VENUE: Melb Town Hall – Old Met Shop

PRICES: $25.50 – $33

‘Double Up’ – Deadly, Dynamic, Hypnotic

Deadly duo 'Double Up' with Kevin Kropinyeri and Sean Choolburra.
Deadly duo ‘Double Up’ with Kevin Kropinyeri and Sean Choolburra.
The saying that goes ‘once you’ve had black you can’t go back’ also rings true for ‘black humour’.
 I kicked off this years Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014 with an Aussie team of Indigenous brothers in ‘Double Up‘ who are next performing at the  Melbourne Town Hall – Mini Main on the 4 – 5 April. This show is a must see for seasoned die hard enthusiasts who like to keep raising the bar for their next comedic blast. 
 Performing separately together this dazzling comedic duo deliver a witty and entertaining show that brings their combined perspective to contemporary culture. Sean Choolburra’s fast paced style delivers a family friendly show and veteran funny man the over the top Kevin Kropinyeri’s humour revels in adult themes. Both had me totally mesmerised inspiring explosions of near jerk laughter. Both artists are crystal clear illuminants and cultural ambassadors, paving the way , cutting straight to the proverbial ‘funny bone’ preparing our palates for more to come.  
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NEXT SHOWS: 4 – 5 April 2014
VENUE:  Melbourne Town Hall – Mini Main
SHOW:  Fri –  Sat 9.30 pm for 60 minutes.Buy tickets from online ticketing partners / Ticketmaster 1300 660 013 / or at the door
PRICE: $22 – $26.50