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EveryNight, EveryNight by Ray Mooney

“A view into Pentridge Prison’s notorious H Divison”

Damian Hill
Damian Hill

This dynamic theatre production begins with the haunting image of “souls from the grave” captured in the face of Damien Hill who brings to life Christopher Dale Flannery aka Mr. Rent a Kill in Ray Mooney’s Everynight Everynight which is currently playing at Gasworks Theatre in Albert Park.

Damien Hill also the founder of Frank Theatre Company has attracted some of Australia’s most talented and seasoned actors in Steve Bastoni, John Brumpton, Paul Ireland, Adrian Mulraney, Tony Rickards and Kaitlyn Clare.

Together with Director Stuart Grant, Matthew Adey (Set/Light Design) and Robert Jordan (Sound Design), like a well-oiled machine the actors bring to life their characters and ignite the stage with a powerfully atmospheric and brutal window into Pentridge Prison’s notorious H Divison in the late 1980’s.

If you are an enthusiast of Melbourne’s underworld it is a must see as it smacks with authenticity.

As an  “enthusiast” myself I found each actor’s character compelling and thought provoking with a stand out and electrifying performance by Damien Hill as a young Flannery.  ****


Address: 21 Graham St., Albert Park 

Telephone: 9699 3253

Price: from $27.00 to $35.00

Date 08-27 May 2012

Open: Tue-Sat 8pm; Sun 5pm

Director:: Stuart Grant

Cast: Steve Bastoni, John Brumpton, Damien Hill, Adrian Mulraney, Paul Ireland, Tony Rickards, Kaitlyn Clare