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Magical Suitcase Day – Free Family Event

The Magical Getaway Foundation is hosting a free family event on the 24 May 2015 at Queensbridge Square, Southbank between 11am – 4pm.

A great treat for kids, all are invited to enjoy the day’s entertainment including magic shows, face painters, balloonist, baby animal farm, photo booth and live musical performances.

Give Back & Getaway Dinner

Also on the 24 May 2015  starting at 7pm – 11.30 the Magical Getaway Foundation will be hosting a very special Gala event at the Park Hyatt, Melbourne

There will be a 3 course meal including drinks and a night jammed packed with information and entertainment.

Hosted by comedien John Barresi the night’s  entertainment will include a star studded lineup with singer / songwriter Lucy Gale and her eight piece big band Galeforce along with special guest artists’ , musical director / composer  Dominic Ross and Melbourne opera singer Brett Kaye.

This special event offers you an up close and personal view of the Magical Getaway Foundation providing extensive information about what is being done and what can be done to implement positive change.

‘It’s about kids, kindness, love, opportunity and hope’

IMG_1942 (email)

It is a sobering awakening to discover that current statistics, as published during Anti-Poverty Week 2014, show that 1 in 7 Australians and I in 6 children are living in poverty.

As a resident of Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs I simply do not see this reality on a day to day basis…

I discovered these facts during an interview with Rosemary Teed who is currently a Student Wellbeing Coordinator and a specialist in issues related to poverty and its ripple effect.

Throughout her vocation of over twenty years
working with children, Rosemary felt that she was putting proverbial bandaids on poverty stricken kids until she ‘bit the bullet’ and went about formalising her vision in the Magical Getaway Foundation. 

IMG_1953 (email)

It is important that there are experienced and dedicated people like Rosemary Teed working on the front lines who continue to rise up and manifest practical solutions to what are often spiritual maladies within our communities.

This non-for-profit organisation is about providing financially disadvantaged children and their caregivers the chance of experiencing a family holiday for the very first time in their lives.

The ultimate goal is to plant life changing ‘seeds of hope’ through positive experiences.

It’s about kids, kindness, love, opportunity and hope; the fibre of any healthy society.

First established in 2013, the Magical Getaway Foundation is hosting these two very special events on the 24 May 2015 to further illuminate their call to action and encourage sponsorship from corporate organisations, trusts, private donations and government agencies from within our community.

To find out more about this relatively new non-for-profit organisation and Sponsorship opportunities please go to www.magicalgetawayfoundation.org

For bookings to the Give Back & Get Away Gala event on 24 May 2015 at the Park Hyatt, Melbourne please call +61 419 372 629 or email info@magicalgetawayfoundation.org.


‘Life is Beautiful’ stage production at Astor Theatre 2 Dec 2014

Since 1936 the magnificent, ‘Art Deco’  Astor Theatre in St Kilda, one of Melbourne’s iconic purpose built treasures, has played host to outstanding 20th and now 21st century motion picture classics.

For Melburnians and international tourists alike a night out at the Astor Theatre is a special event. It is a great building in structure and essence and a preserved time capsule of a rich history and a by gone era.

Amidst ‘her’ long and illustrious career the Astor Theatre is now debuting an outstanding live stage production titled  ‘Life is Beautiful’  proudly presented by Glow Project events.

This one night extravaganza of high art talent is a gift to this city.

For bookings:   http://www.ticketebo.com.au/the-glow-project/life-is-beautiful.html

Performances by:

Brett Kaye Melbourne Opera singer and entrepeneur.
Brett Kaye Melbourne Opera singer and entrepreneur.

Brett Kaye who is spearheading this special event Is a high profile and much loved global opera singer with strong roots in cultural and music education in the Jewish community. He is notably, the recipient of an acclaimed opera scholarship which allowed him to further his operatic studies in Milan and Tuscany.


Tania de Jong Melbourne based Opera singer
Tania de Jong Melbourne based Opera singer





Tania de Jong Australian soprano and inspiration powerhouse within both the musical and business worlds performed with the Victorian State Opera in over 40 countries. She is the co-founder and artistic director of Music Theatre Australia and Creative Universe and Inspiring Minds as well as the founder and executive producer of Creative Innovation Global.





Lucy Gale performing with her band on the night  Kerbeos
Lucy Gale performing with her band on the night Kerbeos

Lucy Gale is a world class singer and known by her peers as ’The Voice’.  She will be performing Soul / Jazz  with her band Kerberos including the super talents of Gianni Turcio on piano, David Rosa on bass, Michael Rochford on Drums and the extraordinaire  trumpet player Gianni Marinucci.







TTamara Vasilevitsky Melbourne pianist
TTamara Vasilevitsky Melbourne pianist

Tamara Vasilevitsky has a Bachelor degree in Music specializing as a piano teacher, piano artist and chamber orchestra soloist. After she graduated, she worked at the Minsk Conservatoire as a teacher and piano accompanist.




Galit Taylor Klas Melboune based Singer / writer / director.
Galit Taylor Klas Melboune based Singer / writer / director.

Galit Taylor Klas is a  Melbourne based singer / writer / director who was  born with expansive natural talent that has been further influenced by some of the worlds notable coaches, directors and performers.








David Oharuib Melbourne Singer / Songwriter
David Oharuib Melbourne Singer / Songwriter

David Ohaion singer / songwriter / musician  will also be performing some incredibly touching original song.







Lauren Glezer Melbourne based Singer / Songwriter.
Lauren Glezer Melbourne based Singer / Songwriter.


Lauren Glezer is an young super talented singer / songwriter who will entertain and amaze.  ‘I use music to map my personal journey – my own ups and downs and the stories of the people that I meet along the way. I find the more honest my songs are, the freer I become’ , writes Lauren.


Life is Beautiful poster