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Temperature Vermillian – DiVERSITY exhibition launch 21 Sept

Geoffrey Hales,St Kilda image © pationpics.com

St Kilda Art Crawl is set to shake Melbourne up this September 21 – 24 with it’s inaugural Art Crawl.

Inspired by other notable international events, such as the Venice Art Crawl and Bohemian Ateliers d’Artistes de Belleville Paris, local artists are opening their studios to the general public for a follow-the-map event, which includes the chance to interact with artists directly.

There will also be vibrant and associated events such as music and food.

Emily Humphries at Temperature Vermillion studio © pationpics.com

Emily’s St. Kilda Studio, Temperature Vermillion, upstairs, 42 Chapel Street. St Kilda launches at 7 pm Thursday 21 September with a curated exhibition DIVERSITY. There are, multi-platform works by St. Kilda musician and artist, Geoffrey Hales, prints and projections by Adem Jaffers, 3D work by Anita Lane  as well as painting and illuminated sculptures by Emily Humphries.

Temperature Vermillion was opened by Emily to fulfil a need for people to connect with themselves and others.

It’s a hard road for most artists, they make sacrifices for their inspiration and beliefs often working extremely hard to end up in the social security system. The frustration of seeing their voice as less important than other socio-political platforms can crush; wherein reality a good artist can be a genuine voice for the people. By the laying down their sensitivities and experience, they can offer something deeply moving or visceral, inspirational.

St Kilda Art Crawl is a much-needed promise to deliver up an exciting bridge to celebrate and perhaps even debunk a myth.

Emily Humphries  Joy image © pationpics.com


Event:  Diversity exhibition

Where: Temperature Vermillion Salon, 42 Chapel Street, St Kilda

When:  Launch at 21 Sept at 7pm