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Opening night at Hola Melbourne Festival

Artist / producer Victor Holder

Hola Melbourne Festival of Latin American Culture and Ideas 2019 has been created by two extraordinary  producer / artists in Victor and Pedro Holder from 4Diverse Arts Hub in St Kilda.

This is a new generation of a Latin American festival – two full weeks of interactive events where you can enjoy, learn, create, and be immersed in art, music, literature, film, and ideas.

Opening night delivered an incredible laser light show produced by Victor Holder. This spectacular projection show utilising the latest digital technology illuminated our natural environment from our ancient indigenous roots onto the iconic 122-year-old  ‘Toromeo’ Ficus platypoda or desert fig tree  located in front of St Kilda Town Hall.

Hola Melbourne Festival is a tapestry of diverse collaborations offering people from all walks of life and all ages a taste of South American culture and ideas.

For more details:

Hola Melbourne

3 – 29 September