The deadly Art of Wing Chun

Grandmaster William Cheung  head of The Global Traditional  Wiing Chun  Kung Fu Association and known to be one of the world’s leading Doctor’s in Chinese medicine; hosted a three day intensive training seminar last weekend.

Senior members from across the country flocked to HQ in Lonsdale Street, Melbourne to attend this special three day event. The academy was awash with Yellow Sashes and Black belts.

Yours truly was among the fighting fit, but mainly filming and photographing for training purposes.

The atmosphere was palpable and electric and at the same time balanced and calm. An atmosphere you will only find in this type of forum where health, discipline and respect for the art reign supreme.


Brothers Andrew and James Cheung. image ©
Head instructors’ Andrew and James Cheung. image ©
HQ Academy seniors Brendon and Kim. image ©
HQ Academy seniors’ Brendon and Kim. image ©
Seniors Matt & Joey. image ©
Seniors Matt & Joey. image ©
HQ senior instructors' Craig Borrow and Martin Ryan. image ©
HQ senior instructor Craig Borrow and Martin Ryan. image ©
image ©
image ©