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Electroplasm by Feverstone

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Feverstone is Renn Barker, retired salvage diver, co-founder of bands Bloom and Screwtape, White Gloves Film Festival Director and word spinner – and John Philips, co-founder of Not Drowning Waving, acclaimed film and TV soundtrack composer and sonic wizard.


Considered by Melbourne’s 2016 White Night promotors as a must see production

Trewlea Peters – Director of Summonings
Marian Webb – Director of Possessionings
Loki – Sonic warlock
Greg Bead – Electrical Manipulatiste
Eve Gilbert – Mise-en-scène rapporteur
Tania Smith – Apparition de la Bearbrass
Isabelle Bertoli – Apparition
Emily Humphries – Apparition
Janet Watson Kruze – Apparition
Max Stephens – 

Tatiana Doroschenko –Guest apparition & Séance Chatelaine
Ian Buckland – Consulting magician
Juliet Foss – Consulting composer
RMIT School of Media and Communications – Technological support

The first two decades of the last century were charged by a terrible war driven by new technologies, lost and curious souls seeking others through spiritualism and the electrification of cities like the energetic Edwardian metropolis of Bearbrass on the banks of the Yarra River by Phillip’s Port.

For one waxing gibbous night, electrical explorers Feverstone (with special guest apparitions) will summon the spirits of Bearbrass from then to now, employing sounds, visions and patented electrical apparatus.


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