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Rock, Burlesque, Live Jazz Swing, Blues & Moonshine at The Post

review by Thomas Barker 

images by Kerrie Pacholli © pationpics.com

Last Saturday night I was treated to an invite away from my usual dinner in with my pet cat, and encouraged along to The Post Hotel, on the corner of St Kilda Road and Inkerman Street, St Kilda. I wasn’t told much about what the evening was to bring, but decided that a chicken parma and chips was going to be better than toast. I was pleasantly surprised by the gyoza side dish too.

Dinner and a show what a treat!

The downstairs bar has a traditional feel, like stepping into a late 19th century establishment, I was a little surprised when I wasn’t approached by anyone named Ischariot or Sherlock. After the timely service of our reasonably priced food, we were politely asked to head upstairs to enjoy the show.

PC & The Devious 3 © pationpics;com
Mr. PC & The Devious 3

Walking into the upstairs section was no disappointment, the art-nouveau and art-deco interior, complete with period mirrors and Persian rugs couldn’t have felt more opulent. Complete with a vodka bar hidden in one corner with a large bowl of moonshine punch to whet the whistle. The night had a theme to match the bar and pleasantly, practically all the attendees managed to dress for the occasion. ‘1940’s Gangsta’ was the dress code, and the red suspenders, black ties and short rimmed hats were everywhere.

Burlyrock's Ferri Maya © pationpics.com
Burlyrock’s Ferri Maya

The Band line up was to be something that fulfilled all expectations, experienced musicians playing original tunes and period covers such as Chuck Berry, but sadly no Gizzy Gilspy. Who I may add, had he walked into the room, would have been indistinguishable from the crowd.

Mr. PC & The Devious 3 were the first band, and set the tone of the night with their smooth and enchanting melodies; filled with quick breaks and clean licks. The two piece kit, double base, 6-string and trumpet set the walls to dancing.

After the first band we were treated to a exotic burlesque show featuring Ferri Maya from Burlyrock, a petite black swan who kept the juices flowing.

The dense cigarette fog of the balcony was as enchanting as the interior, and it felt as though one was looking out into the Laneways of White Chapel. The Montgomery Brothers took the stage as the  second band of the night, delivering us all the mail, and it read ‘rock the post’ these three played a fantastic set with a more classic stage line-up for us to groove to.

The Montgomery Brothers © pationpics.com
The Montgomery Brothers

I would like to add at this point the acoustics throughout this five room, two bar,  plus a smoking balcony old school entertainment space was GREAT.

One more burlesque show to reset the stage and introduce the final band in CC Feels.  Being far more pop-rock they truly set the scene for a final band of the night, with people beginning to hold hands and fall into one another as they erred on the side of romantic melodies. With solid rolls and a strong baseline they rocked us into the evening close.

We look forward to when The Post rocks again.

CC Feels

The Post

Cnr St Kilda Road & Interman Street, St Kilda