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Rob Zabrecky review… by Marian Webb

ROB ZABRECKY, International Guest of the Melbourne Magic Festival, mesmerized his audience with virtuosic skill in his one-man show  ‘Turn on the Dark with Zabrecky’.

From the moment he stalked with hypnotic fleetness of foot to centre stage and performed optical illusions on his head, spectators were
gripped by the uncanny sense that all odds were being expertly scrambled in the meshes of Zabrecky’s grouchy mesmerist persona.

One man was required to nurse a smallish cardboard box with breathing holes.

Another in an outsize dunce’s cap was consigned to the corner upon losing a mysteriouly rigged quiz show.

Introducing the concept of a 25-second intermission to the Melbourne stage, Zabrecky paused for a cup of tea – which he pronounced
“perfect!” – before continuing to amaze and enthrall with some up-to-the-minute dancing, to wild applause.

Rob Zabrecky_MG_9607‘Turn on the Dark with Zabrecky’ will feature tonight, Saturday 4th July at 8.15 pm at Northcote Townhall 189 High St, Northcote.    


images by Kerrie Pacholli © pationpics.com

Rob Zabrecky performing at Melbourne Magic Festival June 29 – 11 July

The formidable and very funny Rob Zabrecky currently performing his show Turn on the Dark as part of The Melbourne Magic Festival 2015.

Rob Zabrecky is a seasoned and multi-talented artist in magic as well as being a producer, singer / songwriter, actor, auctioneer and blogger / host with Who’s Hoo.

His focus and timing are unfathomable.

Needless to say this show is a must see for anyone that likes to be totally absorbed when being entertained.

I had the extreme pleasure of filming a one on one interview with Rob Zabrecky after his show the other night.  Be assured this will hit the screen next week so stay posted.

Rob Zabrecky being very funny

Rob Zabrecky

Rob Zabrecky being very funny
Rob Zabrecky being very funny during his show Turn on the Dark at Melbourne Magic Festival