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Wicked the Musical

The town’s people arrived at Melbourne’s majestic Regent Theatre dressed to the nines and the mood and atmosphere on opening night of WICKED reflected the magical story that was to come…

Now I know why WICKED the Musical has had such acclaimed success in its travels since 2003. Every detail of this production from it’s musical arrangement performed live by a full orchestra perfectly enhancing the timbre in the artists voices, down to the last shadow artistically cast by the lighting technicians has been impeccably synchronised. 

The age old storyline of who is considered the ‘good witch’ and who is the ‘evil witch’ ignited my five year old within taking me on quite an emotional roller coaster ride and I do believe I wasn’t the only stalwart adult transformed for the better that night.

This is the first time that I have seen WiICKED the Musical and indeed I knew little of the shows past performances; but I have to say that Maggie Fitzpatrick (former star of Prisoner) as Madam Morrible projected penetrating megalomania in all its glory and Reg Livermore as The Wizard pulled off the mindless monarch perfectly. I absolutely loved the messages projected by Glen Hogstrom as Dr Dillamond the Goat who is the last remaining animal teacher in Oz whose voice was taken away from him; and of course the striking Jenna Rix as the “evil green witch”, the magical Elphaba who is a champion animal liberationist vehement in her quest. Very refreshing.

In truth I would never go out and buy the musical score however I would be keen to go and see this very entertaining production multiple times because of it’s palpably uplifting effect.  _MG_2918 copy1