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The Westside Watchman

This powerful and informative documentary strips bare the burgeoning problems to do with youth unemployment, street gangs, drug issues and the socio economic gap between the haves and have nots.

Les Twentyman has dedicated over 45 years of his life working in the trenches and caring for street kids. He is one of Melbourne’s and perhaps the world’s most experienced, hands on specialists when it comes to the rescue and care of street kids.

He understands what drives street kids, what they need to survive and what our society resources can do to assist in providing positive, practical solutions.

“It’s about the issues we face today, with homelessness and poverty and unemployment and drugs, but swings into a positive mode with the kids at the basketball centre in Braybrook, and doing some rap and dancing.”

Mr Twentyman said it was important for everyday Melburnians to know how the other half lives.

“Our welfare system is dysfunctional, our jails are full, we’re dealing with drugs and gangs, but people can make a difference,” he said. “

Only by knowing it’s a problem, you have the ability to take the baton and do something.”


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