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Jimmy McGhie is a plummy south eastern Englander who rambles through his set on  a highlight Saturday as if it were an two for one Monday, with a hangover as big as Greenland. I felt I needed to be really drunk to enjoy this… possibly in a state near blackout where the world swoons hilariously in front of you before you parma the pavement. There was as much cohesion and energy  to this as a half arsed wet fart. There was absolutely no reason why his show was called Artificial Intelligence. He made illusion that he no real through line in his show. Jimmy whines on about his mid 30s  and the real entertainment of the night is the lady in the audience who is up front honest and hilarious when he engages here about her relationship.The feeling one got is that Jimmy is on holiday in Australia and decided to do a ‘bit’ of comedy. How he blagged into a comedy festival beggars belief and further still one wonders how he got such a good room. Amateur hour in Skegness misses him (not).

review by Conor O’Neill

Ticketmaster 1300 660 013.  At the door

DATES & TIMES: 22 Shows 27 Mar – 20 Apr

VENUE: Melb Town Hall – Council Chambers

PRICES: $22 – $30