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The Melbourne Magic Festival 2015

From start to finish the 2015 Melbourne Magic Festival Gala at Northcote Townhall had me smiling from ear to ear. It proved to be a wonder filled night of magic and joy that encapsulated the multi-generational audience on that night.

Having seen Dynamo  be Dynamo, over the years, I’ve acquired a taste for magic. This however, this was the first time that I was part of a live audience with so many multi-talented magicians at play.

The experience has left me very excited about the future of Magic as a premier form of live entertainment for our fair city of Melbourne; serving as an elixir for this centuries over load of artificial intelligence.

It was a star studded line up including 10 performances that had us pinned to our chairs, waiting in anticipation to catch that slight of hand, those invisible wires and of course the ever present smoke and mirrors.

Obviously one needs to be in the know, because all of the above eluded me!

Stay posted for more updates as I will be continuing to cover some more of these very entertaining performance.

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Artistic Director of The Melbourne Magic Festival Tim EllisArtistic Director of The Melbourne Magic Festival Tim Ellis


Gone with the Wand starring Richard Wibberley & Ally Pearce.
Gone with the Wand starring Richard Wibberley & Ally Pearce.
Rob Zabrecky
Internationally acclaimed Rob Zabrecky previewing his show Turn on the Dark