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Calling all Singers!

Wish you could increase your range to hit those high or low notes you thought weren’t possible? Wish you could sing for longer without hurting your voice?

Want to be trained by the same person who has helped over 100 Grammy Award winners?

Torb Pedersen, a.k.a. “the voice guy”, founder of Torb Pedersen Institute, is the most comprehensively sought-after vocal expert in the world. Torb advises a diverse portfolio of client’s from over 100 Grammy Award winners, major record labels and even the White House Press Corps.

Now TPI is bringing their renowned teaching methods to Australia. Torb will be holding his vocal seminar consisting of 4 x 2 hour sessions over a two week period starting  in August 11th 2015 hosted by Black Pearl Studios.

This is where  you can learn how to increase your vocal range, sustain notes for longer and much, much more! Get in quick because there is limited space for this seminar!

Torb uses his vast knowledge of the vocal chords as well as neuromuscular techniques to eliminate preventable cases of vocal injuries and enhance vocal health and longevity, to give an understanding of how vocal system works and how to efficiently utilize it to achieve best and safest results. This scientific approach is revolutionizing vocal teaching methods in the 21st century.

Torb has helped singers, record labels, television and film production companies, professional speakers, educational institutes and even professional athletes through the use of his vocal techniques.

Torb’s recent and current projects include:

– Gloria Estefan PBS Television special
– Stevie Wonder – Tour, etc
– Barry Gibb Tour, Australia & New Zealand
– Henry Mancini Orchestra and Friends – Hollywood Bowl

By completing the 4 classes, vocal beginner seminar students will learn to:

– Add significant and dramatic new range
– Sing sustained high notes in newly developed range
– Remove switches, breaks and inconsistencies in your voice
– Show you how to technical interpret & achieve your personal style as an artist. – Develop an individual vocal identity

It’s not just about training your voice, but how to create your own vocal identity and how to achieve that identity technically, market-ready for worldwide audience acceptance.

It will be start in August 11, 2015 hosted by Black Pearl Studios, located in Moorabbin.

Revolution in Vocal teaching

‘Destiny by Design’ is the most unique and exhilarating vocal experience that’s ever been offered. ‘Destiny by Design’ is a revolution in vocal teaching, bringing skills and technology to artists that are so effective it will make you question everything you have done up to now.

TPI’s singing methodologies are so revolutionary in nature; they will completely alter your perspective on performance and training for the rest of your life. You will be literally peaking behind the curtain to the inner workings of your voice and how it connects to your nervous system, musculature and specific personality.

Built and constructed over several decades of exposure to the world’s biggest stars, these methods are not only comprehensive, but easily understood and adaptable, even for fledgling singers. You will make progress on a scale you didn’t realize was possible. You will experience the simultaneous thrill and security of being able to hold your vocal future in your hands.

• Deciphering your True Vocal Potential
• Focus on the Facts – Vocal Science vs. Vocal Myth
• Smash your old limits – Why Vocal Freedom leads to Creative Freedom
• Foundations for the Future – Vocal Guidelines to Serve you for Life
• The Damage Curve – Where do you sit?
• Determine Reward from Ruin – How to know what’s right and what’s wrong for your voice
• Direct Connect – Plugging your new vocal skills directly into your writing
• Danger conditions you don’t know about but ‘really should’
• Little effort, Big effect – How to create a broad range of dramatic vocal effects
• Focus on the Future – Your Vocal Battle Plan
• Vocal Pliability – What is it? Do you have it? Why you need it and how to get it.
• Vocal Strength and Power – The absolute steps to building them safely
• Understanding the links between your personality and your voice
• What we hear – What your voice type says about you, and what everyone else hears
• 3 Simple steps to developing Brand New Range
• 10 Ways to tell how your material is affecting your Audience
• 12 Signs that you are not singing correctly
• 5 Industry/Commercial Strategies for connecting your Audience to you
• What your Song Writing says about your Personality
• Vocal Neurological Testing – Where have you been, where can you go?
• Why you must separate your Emotions from your Wants
• Discover, Develop & Establish your Individual Vocal Identity
• Performance and Training Hierarchies
• How to break through traditional barriers to entry in to the international music market
• Insider information, strategies and tips from deep within the inner sanctum of the music industry.
• Learn about the physical and neurological predispositions that make YOU
• Learn about your differences on your path to creating your own Vocal Identity.
• What to eat, drink & do – Vocal Science vs. Vocal Myth
• How to keep your voice healthy under nearly all situations & conditions
• Performance and recording procedures and strategies that normally remain behind locked studio doors • Physiological & neurological group and individual vocal analysis
• Vocal technological advancements – Wellness and benefit for everyone


For more information call:

Galina Kogan
03 99 39 72 09 or 0407 540 137 http://www.blackpearlstudios.com.au/ https://www.facebook.com/BlackPearlStudios

For more information on TPI or Torb Pedersen: http://www.torbpedersen.com/About_TPI.html

Black Pearl Studios Xmas 2014

This years Black Pearl Studios Christmas party exploded with some of Melbourne’s much loved musicians / singers / songwriters and industry folk.

I was lucky to enjoy and share this impromptu performance of Crossroads by one of Melbourne’s rock ‘n’ roll royalty Jimmy Cupples; who was blown away by this amazing studios majestic digs and live performance sound scape, likening it to the calibre and magic created by  Abby Road Studios.

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Black Pearl Studios


Chopper the Musical team: Warren Wills, Frank Sablotny, Frank Howson and Yury Kogan at Black Pearl Studios.
Chopper the Musical team: Warren Wills, Frank Sablotny, Frank Howson and Yury Kogan at Black Pearl Studios.

When orchestrating a music or sound project the difference between mediocracy and brilliance lives within the realms of ‘sound staging and vision’, quotes sound maestro Yury Kogan from Black Pearl Studios.

Yury’s finely tuned senses for the art of sound and staging first began when he was four years old living in St Petersburg, Russia. Aware they would be migrating to Australia in the not too distant future his parents purposely introduced Yury to all the artistic majesty and grandeur that ‘the world’s most beautiful city’ had to offer.

Ignited and cultivated at an early age Yury’s explosive passion for sound and excellence has manifested in the creation of Black Pearl Studios. Also a musician, Yury lovingly designed his studios under the guidance and advice from a couple of the best sound architects in the world with the end result allowing for fantastic natural acoustics.

Yury has always been a dedicated collector and since the 1980’s he has amassed one of world’s best collections of musical instruments including 140 prestigious guitars, loads of drum kits and over 370 specialist microphones to suit any voice.

Being a stickler for sound Yury likes to be prepared and oversees projects the ‘old way’ as they did back in the 1970’s when the cost of an album was about $3000. To ensure excellence and for less than half the price he incorporates preparation time a week in advance with setup the night before, allowing for musicians to be able to come in and get straight into it. This way he can pull a choice instrument out of the vault if he feels it will enhance the sound and provide a selection of 4 to 5 microphones for each particular voice type.

My introduction to Black Pearl Studios, Yuri and his wife Galina was while photographing the recording of the first four songs for Chopper the Musical, all of which were cut in record time with fantastic results.

Now attracting some of the best sound engineers in the business including multi-award winning Julian Mendelsohn there is no doubt in my mind that Black Pearl Studio’s natural progression is to become known as one of the best recording studios in this country if not the world.

Vered Harel, Lucy Gale and Mick Pealing recording songs for Chopper the Musical at Black Pearl Studios.
Vered Harel, Lucy Gale and Mick Pealing recording songs for Chopper the Musical at Black Pearl Studios.