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Temperature Vermillian – DiVERSITY exhibition launch 21 Sept

Geoffrey Hales,St Kilda image © pationpics.com

St Kilda Art Crawl is set to shake Melbourne up this September 21 – 24 with it’s inaugural Art Crawl.

Inspired by other notable international events, such as the Venice Art Crawl and Bohemian Ateliers d’Artistes de Belleville Paris, local artists are opening their studios to the general public for a follow-the-map event, which includes the chance to interact with artists directly.

There will also be vibrant and associated events such as music and food.

Emily Humphries at Temperature Vermillion studio © pationpics.com

Emily’s St. Kilda Studio, Temperature Vermillion, upstairs, 42 Chapel Street. St Kilda launches at 7 pm Thursday 21 September with a curated exhibition DIVERSITY. There are, multi-platform works by St. Kilda musician and artist, Geoffrey Hales, prints and projections by Adem Jaffers, 3D work by Anita Lane  as well as painting and illuminated sculptures by Emily Humphries.

Temperature Vermillion was opened by Emily to fulfil a need for people to connect with themselves and others.

It’s a hard road for most artists, they make sacrifices for their inspiration and beliefs often working extremely hard to end up in the social security system. The frustration of seeing their voice as less important than other socio-political platforms can crush; wherein reality a good artist can be a genuine voice for the people. By the laying down their sensitivities and experience, they can offer something deeply moving or visceral, inspirational.

St Kilda Art Crawl is a much-needed promise to deliver up an exciting bridge to celebrate and perhaps even debunk a myth.

Emily Humphries  Joy image © pationpics.com


Event:  Diversity exhibition

Where: Temperature Vermillion Salon, 42 Chapel Street, St Kilda

When:  Launch at 21 Sept at 7pm


Temperature Vermillion art gallery

Lured from a sojourn in the cool Tasmanian rain forests, national Icon and veteran art collector Barry Humphries who is lovingly known around the world as Dame Edna Everidge housewife superstar did not miss the preview launch of St Kilda’s Temperature Vermillion art gallery; created and curated by his youngest daughter artist, poet and entrepreneur Emily Humphries.

National Icon Barry Humphries aka Dame Edna Everidge with exhibiting photographer Lucia Rossi.
National Icon Barry Humphries with exhibiting photographer Lucia Rossi.

Earmarked to be one of St Kilda’s hottest and most sought after art spaces, Temperature Vermillion’s preview launch hosted the works of three unique and talented  artists, Tasmanian born photographer Lucia Rossi, Melbourne’s own painter Dylan George Statham and UK artist Jayne Wilton; whose extraordinary experimental art captures everything from cosmic rays through a diffusion cloud chamber with the aid of physicists, to making visible song breath in an installation piece soon to be mounted.

Temperature Vermillion art gallery is part of The Blue Curtain site which also host’s Hidden Mirror Art house, Salon-style Cinema soon to be officially launched.

Titled The Temporary Nature of Objects this exhibition and extraordinary avant-garde art space is a must experience for serious art collectors, artists, film buffs and the general public alike.

Temperature Vermillion is open for viewing Thursday – Saturday 1- 5 pm from 20 Nov – 20 Dec.

For viewing appointments outside of those times contact: ehumphries@temperaturevermllion.com

Exhibiting artist photographer Lucia Rossi with a piece from a limited edition purchased by Barry Humphries on the day. Image by Kerrie Pacholli © pationpics.comExhibiting artist photographer Lucia Rossi with a piece from a limited edition purchased by Barry Humphries on the day. Image by Kerrie Pacholli © pationpics.com

Barry & Emily Humphries
Barry & Emily Humphries


‘Erotica and the Muse’, Open Studio by fine artist Emily Humphries

Painting by fine artist Emily Humphries titled ‘Inclination’ part of an open studio  (click for details Erotica and the Muse on Sat. 29 Nov. 10-6pm and Sun. 30 Nov. 2014, 10-3pm

Emily Humphries fine artist and second child of Australian icon Barry Humphries is opening her home and studio to the public.Emily is a well loved Melbourne Artist who has been exhibiting professionally since 1986. Her first exhibition seeing her placed alongside leading artists Rick Amor and Brian Dunlop.

The 90’s saw Humphries specialise in Printmaking at the VCA where she received a National Gallery Trustees Award in her first year. Emily then went to exhibit with Stuart Gerstman Galleries in South Bank.

After marrying Melbourne film composer and co founder of 80’s group, Not Drowning Waving, John Phillips, the couple and their three children moved to Europe where they worked independently predominantly in France and Italy.

Emily works across media creating magical canvases and illuminated sculptures, spaces which inhabited and build in the imagination. Her sculptures read like little stages on which still lives and symbolic narratives play themselves out.

A committed painter Emily says, “the most challenging and captivating of arts is when one can inspire a relationship or narrative within a single two dimensional frame,” Emily’s recent journey into film echos this rather alchemical idea where she asks of the viewer to try to distil what consciousness they may wish to find in their own lives through the arc of fantasy whilst she reflects on the utility of art in this regard.

In 2010 Humphries exhibited in Italy on an Artegiro Galleria award, where she was supported for three months to work beside the volcanic lake Bolsena where she ultimately mounted a show in and around notions of the Sublime.

In 2012 still with Artegiro Emily exhibited a series of photographic works captured serendipitously on her Samsung Gallaxy mobile where she explored Paris as a visceral city treading within it’s well worn romantic cliché of romantic love.

She is also working on a documentary project around how we utilize fantasy to construct our realities where she traversed Europe interviewing those she found most fascinating, including her self declared mentor, the French film maker Agnes Varda.

This Year has seen Emily publish her first Poetry cycle, The Divining Tower, written between 2010-2013, and published here in Melbourne by Little Fox Press. For her poem, Melbourne, which is contained within this collection she received an award in the Doris Leadbetter Poetry Cup 2012, which is quite an honour in the contemporary writing scene. This book will be available too at her open studio to where it is a great opportunity to get hold of one signed.

There is much more I can say about this artist but it would simply take too long. You can visit her site at www.emilyhumphries.com for more details.

This Open studio will show her most recent suite of etchings available framed or unframed and are formed around notions of the erotic.

Her South Yarra residence will be open from 10 am – 6 pm on Saturday the 29th of November and again on Sunday from 10 am -3 pm. It is a rare opportunity to get a glimpse into the more intimate world of one of our fine artists.

I urge you, don’t miss out!