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Regression review…

 The actors. Samatha Cunnane, Tom Reed, Tim Constantine,Jason Jefferies and director Joachim Matschoss.
L-R The actors: Samantha Cunnane, Tom Reed, Tim Constantine and Jason Jefferies. The Director: Joachim Matschoss.

Regression_web copy

…. Regression is a play written and produced by Gabriel Bergmoser from Bitten By Productions and adapted and directed by German playwright, poet and theatre-maker Joachim Matschoss from Backyard Theatre Ensemble (BYTE).

The play draws out in me words such as: Penetrating, Abstract, Deconstruct, Reconstruct, Energetic, Transmutation, Ceremonial, Inclusion, Alchemy and Harmonic co-operation. And perhaps Redemption!

Performances on opening night were polished and emotionally charged, igniting spontaneous emotional responses within me.

I was captivated, entertained and emerged with a charge of resonant inspiration…