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Lucy Gale Hidden Faces of Archibald 2012

28 July 2012

Peers call her “The Voice”, friends call her “Angel”, fans call her “incredible”

194382_1859439895669_3329173_o.jpg Dominic Ross and Lucy Gale
Lucy Gale and Dominic Ross

Melbourne based singer/songwriter/musician Lucy Gale was mind fully chosen by renowned Victorian artist Jim Van Geet as the subject for his entry into the 2012 Archibald art competition. The portrait of Lucy Gale titled “Somewhere under the Rainbow” is currently on display along with 39 exciting and diverse paintings of well-known subjects as part of the 2012 “Hidden Faces” exhibition. And what a worthy subject too. Lucy who did not utter a word during her first six years of life began her vocal communication in song and was immediately recognized for her extraordinary talent and perfect pitch from that early age. Her outstanding musicality, and her ability to touch people have made her a sort after artist for national and international artists wishing to collaborate and perform with her.

Dominic Ross, Lucy Gale and Andrea Bocelli
Lucy Gale and her long time musical collaborate the incomparable Dominic Ross after performing for Andrea Bocelli during one of his Melbourne visits.

Capturing audiences in Australia and around the world her 5 octave distinctive vocal range and her professionalism have astounded the best in the industry in all genres.

Lucy who has enjoyed a long and rich career is currently working on her original album in collaboration with her musical directors’ Dominic Ross and Andrew Koikas along with Bettina Spivakovsky of Upfront Events for her forthcoming one women show. Keep coming back for more details…

Lucy Gale piano

Next live performance coming soon: Lucy Gale along with John Toney will be performing at the Rah Bar at 163 Toorak Road, South Yarra 7pm start on Sunday 29th July 2012 for a greatly anticipated night of soul and groove. This show is a must experience for enthusiasts and the uninitiated alike. An evening not to miss…

“Hidden Faces” People’s Choice Award

Hilton Melbourne – South Wharf / Free / Open all day for voting for the “People’s Choice” awards. 18 June 2012 – 16 August 2012.

Hidden Faces (open exclusively to Victorian artists) is known in art circles as the Victorian Salon des Refuses and is running in tandem with the touring of the prestigious Archibald show, offering the unique opportunity for Victorians to rival the ‘official’ Prize selection. Visitors are invited to enter the People’s Choice Award and vote for their favorites with prizes provided by the Hilton Melbourne South Wharf.

The Hilton Docklands is currently hosting the “Hidden Faces” Peoples Choice Awards, also featuring another 39 paintings on display between 16 July to 18 August 2012. Free entry and don’t forget to vote!

Les Twentyman

Les Twentyman and TT editor Mick Pacholli

The 20th Man Foundation was the inspiration for Bettina Spivakovsky of Upfront Events to provide event management service and expertise for fund raising. Having a Bachelor of Music and Post Grad in film and TV the opportunity to also compose a song that would become synonymous with the charity so that the proceeds of the sale of the song would go towards the 20th Man Foundation was very important to Bettina. No other singer would do this song justice other than Lucy Gale so Bettina enlisted the help of members of the Art society Bettina set up called; The Loft and with the engineering and arrangements of all contributors: Lucy Gale, Dominic Ross Andrew Koikas, Emily Charmers, Andrew Burns, Anabelle Capac the song was produced.

Lucy provided the title Tears of a Child and Talia and Romina Rasso provided the visual for the 20th Man Foundation invitation for the event when this song will be sung live on stage as well as the photographic work for the CD single.

Lucy Gale portrait titled “Somewhere under the Rainbow” by Jim van Geet



Dominic Ross music man extraordinaire…

29 July 2012

475280_320063641407226_1795375105_o.jpg Dominic ross photoIf you are not already a fan it is my pleasure to initiate our TT cyber family to the spectacular Dominic Ross, music man extraordinaire. Singer/ songwriter/ pianist / composer / musical director and actor Dominic is the real deal, a seasoned and consummate performer and another of our amazing countries home grown talents.

Dominic has been enjoying a continuous and jam packed career as a professional artist from an early age heading some of Melbourne’s most popular and long living rock bands such as Hot Gossip, Karma and Rosario through to performing with and for the worlds acknowledged greats in Australia and around the globe.

Live or recorded Dominic sings with eminent conviction allowing for a soulful and heartwarming trans portative experience for his listeners. His latest album INTO THE NIGHT reflects his cultural origins also allowing his listeners to share some beautiful Italian classics. Keep tuned for his forthcoming live performances.

Lucy Gale and Dominic Ross
Dominic Ross and Lucy Gale performing at 12 Elizabeth Street, Kensington

For more information and purchase of Dominic’s latest album INTO THE NIGHT click on