Coming Through – Irinushka at the Butterfly Club

Review by Marian Webb

Irina Kuzminsky is a phenomenon, extraordinarily gifted in dance, music and language.  Coming Through, her one-woman performance, is a synthesis of those gifts and a continues the unfoldment of a favoured theme, the Dark Goddess.  Poetry, song and elements of classical ballet combine to form multi-dimensional hymns.

Irina – or Irinushka as she is known on stage – as a classical artist in the sense that she has perfected classical forms that come to us from the nineteenth century and beyond, to the likes of Leonora Orsini (1560-1634).  So many riches build a highly stylized drama, that at times relaxes into a refreshing naturalism, as when Irinushka puts on her pointe shoes, taking time to tie the glossy ribbons.  Performer participates in the narrative, the plot of which is to give fresh form to centuries-old traditions of vocal, physical and literary expression.

Coming Through is out-of-the-ordinary performance art and runs until Saturday 26 October at the Butterfly Club.