Faye De Pasquale exhibiting artist – 33 Fitzroy Street

Faye has been exhibiting her work most years since the 1970’s.

She has spent many years teaching art in secondary colleges to all levels particularly working as a specialist art teacher with year 12 students at painting and art history.

On a personal note I was privileged to have Faye as my year 10 art teacher and I am thrilled  to be able to see her paintings in this extra ordinary pop up gallery at 33 Fitzroy Street, Window Art Walk as part of the St Kilda Art Crawl.

Faye de Pasquale, Claypans, acrylic on canvas 62 x 33 cm $780

This ancient land touched me very deeply. I was profoundly moved by this visit; an experience which pervaded my very being.  I was silenced by it’s beauty and timeless quality,  with it’s rivers and gorges, rock formations and land structures. The heightened colour, vast expanses and patterned forms, seen here, presented me with a sense of freedom not found elsewhere.

I believed I could interpret this beauty in my own  personal manner and that in doing so, I would have subject matter for a life time.

I am pleased to say that my paintings  have been well received and given much pleasure to many people. They have been the vehicle which has given an opportunity  to share my experiences, and instil a desire in others to have a further personal encounter with his wonderful land.  by Faye de Pasqualie

Faye de Pasquale, Rock Formations, acrylic on canvas 12.3 x 62 cm $1.900
Faye de Pasquale, Spinifex, acrylic on canvas 23 x 13 cm $395

by Kerrie Pacholli © pationpics.com