X at the Espy!!!!

Steve Lucas from X performing at the Espy on Sat 23 to bring in the Spring Equinox. magical time, magical performance image by Kerrie Pacholli © pationpics.com
Steve Lucas from X performing at the Espy on Sat 23 to bring in the Spring Equinox. magical time, magical performance image by Kerrie Pacholli © pationpics.com

Throughout this St Kilda Art Crawl I’ve been high tailing it all over the place.  But what an extra special performance that I managed to immortalise in X. Only at the Espy, espy, espy…more to come when we edit the vid!

ATTACHMENT DETAILS   Kim-Volkman-from-X-giving-it-to-me.-image-by-Kerrie-Pacholli-©-pationpics.com_.jpg
Kim Volkman from X giving it to me. image by Kerrie Pacholli © pationpics.com

Performing & fine art exhibition, 33 Fitzroy Street St Kilda 23 & 24 Sept

The Public and The Private – the dualities of being

Artists showing: Painter Faye De Pasqualie, sculptor Adrian Spurr, painter / sculptor  Laurie Miller, multi-media and performing artist Sophie Ruolle, Aboriginal artists’ Dino Damiani and didgeridoo player Josh Birtwhistle, painter Elena Simak, painter Pamella Reine, painter Clare Austin, painter and lighting installations Charles Allardice. DJ James Stone.

Performing artist Sophie Ruolle taken at 33 Fitzroy St. image by Kerrie Pacholli © pationpics.com
Performing artist Sophie Ruolle image by Kerrie Pacholli © pationpics.com

WHAT: St Kilda Art Crawl

WHEN: 21 – 24 Sept

WHERE: 33 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda Punchinello pop up on the map




Live performance by Sophie Ruolle at 33 Fitzroy St. 23 – 24 Sept

As part of the inaugural St Kilda Art Crawl launch Punchinello pop up gallery is hosting some very exceptional artists. Do not miss performances by the beautiful and talented Sophie Ruolle.

Sophie Ruolle performing at 33 Fitzroy Street, 23 – 24 Sept

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Sponsor of pationpics.com

St Kilda Comedy Club at the Espy 24 Sept 2pm

ITS HERE!!! Yes you read it right at the The Esplanade Hotel part of StKildaArtCrawl.com

Sunday 24th Sept 2pm

CJ Fortuna, Andy Goodone, Brad Oakes & Dave O’Neil at Espy image by Kerrie Pacholli © pationpics.com

The line up includes:

MC Brad Oakes, Pommy Johnson, Dave O’Neil, Bob Franklin, Elliot Goblet, Chris Wainhouse, Christine Basil, C J Fortuna, Wayne Deakin, Michael Shafar. Supported by Mark Hughes and the Temple of Blues PLUS MORE

Book Now @ www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=317727

Remember back in the day when the Espy hotel was in full swing? Back when stand up comedy ruled the Gershwin room every Sunday afternoon?

A glorious mix of new and seasoned comics would strut their stuff in front of a packed enthusiastic crowd.

Back in the day when Hughesy was on the dole, Rove was in a double act with his old mate Duff and Pommy Johnson’s song Psycho Chicken could be heard bellowing through the sacred hall to an eruption of applause; the punters getting drunk off laughter alone.

Those were the days. It was a comedy show with a rock’n’roll vibe. Espy comedy was the best thing in town.

Imagine if ‘back in the day’ was back tomorrow or more specifically back on Sunday the 24th of September at 2pm.
That’s right the Hotel along with the St Kilda Arts Crawl and St Kilda Comedy Club are opening the doors to the Gershwin room.

For a one off special event bringing back the glory days of comedy in Melbourne.

CJ Fortuna, Andy Goodwin, Dave O’Neil & Brad Oakes at the Espy image by Kerrie Pacholli © pationpics.com

Sophie Roulle, exhibiting artist at 33 Fitzroy Street

The Secret Keeper Mixed Medium on Canvas 50x76cm

Reflecting after a profoundly bleak 3 years, I have emerged to discover my recent work, both visual and performative, has become infused with raw sensual power. During this 3 year sabbatical, my body of work has reflected my internal landscape, immersed in despair, rage, hopelessness and grief.  And while themes of  Love and Transformation illuminate the core of my current work, the performances  still  carry the weight of the recent past. I am interested in how the body acts as a vessel for powerful change and transformation. I am obsessed with the reclamation of the body, of sexuality, sensuality.  I am curious about power relationships, the relationships between violence and nurture, revenge and redemption, rage and ecstasy. I am interested in my personal relationship with shame, power and forgiveness.  Having recently returned to Australia after being in the Northern hemisphere, the festival’s theme of Spring Equinox is particularly significant. I am intrigued by the power struggles of light and darkness, in all climates and landscapes, internal and external and their capacity to not only co-exist but live in harmony.


UPLOADING Dismiss Errors 'Never Tell' Photograph :mixed medium on canvas 19x35.5cm Limited edition prints, 20 only $650 'Never Tell' Photograph :mixed medium on canvas 19x35.5cm Limited edition prints, 20 only $650 .JPG An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later. 'Never Tell' Photograph :mixed medium on canvas 19x35.5cm Limited edition prints, 20 only $650 'Never Tell' Photograph :mixed medium on canvas 19x35.5cm Limited edition prints, 20 only $650 .JPG An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later. 'Never Tell' Photograph :mixed medium on canvas 19x35.5cm Limited edition prints, 20 only $650 'Never Tell' Photograph :mixed medium on canvas 19x35.5cm Limited edition prints, 20 only $650 .JPG An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later. ATTACHMENT DETAILSSaved. The-Bondage-of-Self0A51x76-cm-20x30-inches-0AMixed-medium-on-canvas-0ALimited-edition-prints-20-only-0A575.jpg
’51×76 cm (20×30 inches ) Mixed medium on canvas Limited edition prints, 20 only $575

Dan thedrunkenyobb

published by pationpic.com

Hi there my name is Dan and I paint shit….. I paint on all sorts of recycled surfaces, odd bits and off cuts of wood/furniture, canvas, skate boards, glass, tree branches, rocks and thick blocks of polystyrene etc. I obtain all my surfaces from op shops, garage sales and hard rubbish!! I use a multitude of mediums, (water based, oil, water based-enamel, acrylic, enamel) house paints, spray paint, very rarely artists acrylic, textile ink, ink, porcelain paint, nail polish, marker refill, tile paint, laminate paint, glass paint, glycob, liquid acrylic, metal paint, automotive paint, wood decking stain and anything else I find…. I have a few different styles and techniques depending on the resources I have lying around at the time, paints and surfaces etc. I never use mediums, resin, flow nor varnishes, I just use paint. I always paint wet on wet; working with the chemical reactions of such a diverse range of mediums. I use gravity as well as the density of various mediums that enhances the chemical reaction, my paintings still morph and change up to and over a week because of this and also creating a variety of textures over the drying period. I channel my soul and emotions through music, movement and paint. When I paint I completely lose myself and get into a trance like state where nothing else exists and time stops, I stop thinking and just do. It all comes from somewhere within. I have complete freedom and I do not follow any rules or etiquette. I paint for the sake of the activity, there is no end game. I have painted for 12 years, 10 of which I have painted in the “dark” and I have only shown my work for the last 2 years because it was my mums last wish.

Previous shows: a group and solo at pumpkin lane, a group at laneways art space, 3 group shows at gallery #9, a solo at darebin arts centre, a side show at Surabaya johnnies, a group show at treehouse nature and healing and a cafe or two as well. My phone number is 0416487629


Sponsor of pationpics.com
Sponsor of pationpics.com

Adrian Spurr contributing artist in Window Art Walk 33 Fitzroy Street

St Kilda Art Crawl 21 – 24 Sept

Printmaking, sculpture and drawing

Adrian Spurr at his studio in Shakespeare Grove image © pationpics.com

My artwork has for two decades been concerned with surface, structure and volume. Recent work is fascinated with a granular, axiomatic form and content. Drawings exhibit extremely detailed mark making, prints exhibit a modular construction, and sculptures are assembled from large quantities of small, similarly sized pieces of material attached to, or enveloping, other three dimensional objects. The scale of the sculpture, the materials used, and their ‘pixelated’ appearance, endow my three dimensional work with a narrative which is only revealed as they are assembled.

In the past three years I have returned to working with stone and figurative imagery. Perhaps this will lead to a synthesis of sorts, that is, artwork where the two sculptural directions I am working in come together in a compatible whole.

Adrian Spurr Rude Boy 2014
Adrian Spurr , Patrizia – portrait of the artists mother

Overall, since moving to Australia in 1998, the primary source for my investigation has been the arid regions North Western Victoria and South Western NSW. Amidst that landscape, I find myself considering not only the delicate surface of the earth but also the similarly delicate surface of the human condition. I then bring these ideas back to Melbourne and a city environment where they evolve into the work that I currently produce.

Temperature Vermillian – DiVERSITY exhibition launch 21 Sept

Geoffrey Hales,St Kilda image © pationpics.com

St Kilda Art Crawl is set to shake Melbourne up this September 21 – 24 with it’s inaugural Art Crawl.

Inspired by other notable international events, such as the Venice Art Crawl and Bohemian Ateliers d’Artistes de Belleville Paris, local artists are opening their studios to the general public for a follow-the-map event, which includes the chance to interact with artists directly.

There will also be vibrant and associated events such as music and food.

Emily Humphries at Temperature Vermillion studio © pationpics.com

Emily’s St. Kilda Studio, Temperature Vermillion, upstairs, 42 Chapel Street. St Kilda launches at 7 pm Thursday 21 September with a curated exhibition DIVERSITY. There are, multi-platform works by St. Kilda musician and artist, Geoffrey Hales, prints and projections by Adem Jaffers, 3D work by Anita Lane  as well as painting and illuminated sculptures by Emily Humphries.

Temperature Vermillion was opened by Emily to fulfil a need for people to connect with themselves and others.

It’s a hard road for most artists, they make sacrifices for their inspiration and beliefs often working extremely hard to end up in the social security system. The frustration of seeing their voice as less important than other socio-political platforms can crush; wherein reality a good artist can be a genuine voice for the people. By the laying down their sensitivities and experience, they can offer something deeply moving or visceral, inspirational.

St Kilda Art Crawl is a much-needed promise to deliver up an exciting bridge to celebrate and perhaps even debunk a myth.

Emily Humphries  Joy image © pationpics.com


Event:  Diversity exhibition

Where: Temperature Vermillion Salon, 42 Chapel Street, St Kilda

When:  Launch at 21 Sept at 7pm


Faye De Pasquale exhibiting artist – 33 Fitzroy Street

Faye has been exhibiting her work most years since the 1970’s.

She has spent many years teaching art in secondary colleges to all levels particularly working as a specialist art teacher with year 12 students at painting and art history.

On a personal note I was privileged to have Faye as my year 10 art teacher and I am thrilled  to be able to see her paintings in this extra ordinary pop up gallery at 33 Fitzroy Street, Window Art Walk as part of the St Kilda Art Crawl.

Faye de Pasquale, Claypans, acrylic on canvas 62 x 33 cm $780

This ancient land touched me very deeply. I was profoundly moved by this visit; an experience which pervaded my very being.  I was silenced by it’s beauty and timeless quality,  with it’s rivers and gorges, rock formations and land structures. The heightened colour, vast expanses and patterned forms, seen here, presented me with a sense of freedom not found elsewhere.

I believed I could interpret this beauty in my own  personal manner and that in doing so, I would have subject matter for a life time.

I am pleased to say that my paintings  have been well received and given much pleasure to many people. They have been the vehicle which has given an opportunity  to share my experiences, and instil a desire in others to have a further personal encounter with his wonderful land.  by Faye de Pasqualie

Faye de Pasquale, Rock Formations, acrylic on canvas 12.3 x 62 cm $1.900
Faye de Pasquale, Spinifex, acrylic on canvas 23 x 13 cm $395

by Kerrie Pacholli © pationpics.com

Window Art Walk artist – Fitzroy Street St Kilda 21 – 24 Sept

by Kerrie Pacholli © pationpics.com
Laurie Miller The Warrior and the Mourning Dove. 1200.mm.H. 900.mm.W. Acrylic on canvas

As part of the inaugural St Kilda Art Crawl, Pop up exhibition at Punchinella – 33 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda is hosting a collection of works from established and up and coming artists  that is not to be missed.

This is an extra ordinary time in the history of Fitzroy Street with 19 empty shops along with a down turn of business and street life.

Art patrons’ Robert and Jenni Semple owners of 33 Fitzroy St and entrepreneur Freddie Warschauer who just opened #HAPPYFoLK at 11A Fitzroy Street are sponsoring the Window Art Walk to support the artists and to draw life back into their beloved Fitzroy Street and the community at large.

All artists are contributing their time, energy, creativity and work in the spirit of community collaboration and celebration of new beginnings.

Dino Damiani Tiger snake dreaming Acrylic and canvas 1100 mm x 650mm $1800
Quadrant26-Sense-of-Place-2acrylic-on-canvas-size-99x99-cms-price-1800.jpg September 8, 2017
Faye De Pasqualie acrylic on canvas size 99×99 cms price $1800
Adrian Spurr Dismas, Woodcut Relief print 700 X 600 mm, $500
Sophie Ruolle  self portrait 42cm w x 60cm canvas print limited edition $300
Pamella Dias acrylic and canvas