Coming Clean – Leonard Ottone

Coming Clean Leonard OttoneIn and out of juvenile detention as a youth, Leonard Ottone graduated to prison as a young man and eventually ended up in Pentridge Prison (affectionately known by some as the college of knowledge).

There he continued to access drugs and maintain his habit. With the help of the other prisoners, Leonard finally learned to read and write as he struggled to write letters home to his family…

… I spent the weekend reading your story. It was raw and confronting, but such a touching and amazing story. As young as I am, I know there’s people in the world that have never been strong enough to stick and progress with positive change like you have. i’ll never forget when Dean finished your book, the tears that rolled down his face. Tears of happiness and relief of your achievements. I couldn’t wait to read to see why he was feeling like that … Now I’ve finally read it and want to congratulate you. 

– Ella Callaway

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Temperature Vermillion art gallery

Lured from a sojourn in the cool Tasmanian rain forests, national Icon and veteran art collector Barry Humphries who is lovingly known around the world as Dame Edna Everidge housewife superstar did not miss the preview launch of St Kilda’s Temperature Vermillion art gallery; created and curated by his youngest daughter artist, poet and entrepreneur Emily Humphries.

National Icon Barry Humphries aka Dame Edna Everidge with exhibiting photographer Lucia Rossi.
National Icon Barry Humphries with exhibiting photographer Lucia Rossi.

Earmarked to be one of St Kilda’s hottest and most sought after art spaces, Temperature Vermillion’s preview launch hosted the works of three unique and talented  artists, Tasmanian born photographer Lucia Rossi, Melbourne’s own painter Dylan George Statham and UK artist Jayne Wilton; whose extraordinary experimental art captures everything from cosmic rays through a diffusion cloud chamber with the aid of physicists, to making visible song breath in an installation piece soon to be mounted.

Temperature Vermillion art gallery is part of The Blue Curtain site which also host’s Hidden Mirror Art house, Salon-style Cinema soon to be officially launched.

Titled The Temporary Nature of Objects this exhibition and extraordinary avant-garde art space is a must experience for serious art collectors, artists, film buffs and the general public alike.

Temperature Vermillion is open for viewing Thursday – Saturday 1- 5 pm from 20 Nov – 20 Dec.

For viewing appointments outside of those times contact:

Exhibiting artist photographer Lucia Rossi with a piece from a limited edition purchased by Barry Humphries on the day. Image by Kerrie Pacholli © pationpics.comExhibiting artist photographer Lucia Rossi with a piece from a limited edition purchased by Barry Humphries on the day. Image by Kerrie Pacholli ©

Barry & Emily Humphries
Barry & Emily Humphries