Tim Mckew Australian Cabaret Legend

by Kerrie Pacholli

I first met with Tim Mckew for a one on one, in his locale at the Abbotsford Convent the other day.

I had heard about his forth coming Dadaist performance art show, “Come Down With Us” running over three nights in August 2015 on Friday 28, Saturday 29 and Sunday 30, between 6 – 8pm at the William Mora Galleries, and after doing my research the night before, I was very interested to meet the man.

Tim McKew performing at St Kilda’s Tolarno Galleries in 1979.
Tim Mckew performing at St Kilda’s Tolarno Galleries in 1979 image by Henry Talbot.

I discovered that Tim Mckew is a vibrant singer, songwriter, playwright and producer, whose successful career has spanned over five decades in show business and the arts, encompassing TV, theatre, radio and cabaret.

Throughout his extensive career he has  performed on stage with the likes of Nick Cave, Paul Kelly and Germany’s Nina Hagen to name a few.

He describes  “Come Down With Us” as a Homage to his Dadaist shows that were held at St Kilda’s Tolarno Galleries back in 1979.

This ignited my interest as I discovered that Tim had great success here and in London and Europe, particularly Berlin because the original shows were so cutting edge and ahead of the times. They were a collaboration of Melbourne’s brightest talents of the day including works by Peter Vanessa “Troy” Davies,  costumes by Jenny Bannister and photography by Henry Talbot and Rennie Ellis. 

To give you a bit of background, Tim Mckew cousin of Australian journalist and  politician Maxine McKew was the youngest of five children born to working class, Irish / Italian parents who lived in Port Melbourne’s Garden City. Although Tim’s father Pat McKew was a die hard wharfie both parent’s supported their family  by working as independent local SP bookmakers. Tim describes his childhood as colourful. His Italian mother also came from a long line of beautiful singers and musicians. After discovering Tim’s gift for singing she set about transporting him into the land of show business with his first gig on national TV with Brian and the Juniors during the 1960’s.

Another interesting and significant chapter to Tim Mckew’s story is that for the last 10 years he has been performing and is considered one of the best Noël Coward tribute artist around the globe, with celebrated performances across Australia’s major cities, New York and London. Producing his own shows as well as writing and performing his own original material, to the delight of his audiences, Tim succeeds to recreate the magic of that very poignant time in history during Noel Coward’s life and times.

Tim Mckew performing as Noel Coward.
Tim Mckew performing as Noel Coward image ABC still from the Collectors’

It is not surprising as both artists share parallel experiences throughout their lives, albeit from different times, yet both remained and still remain profoundly true to his own originality and artistic expressions.



WHEN: AUGUST  2015 FRI. 28, SAT. 29, SUN. 30

Shaolin Temple abstract view

The fourth instalment of my China trip 2012 offers another view.

All throughout China one can see images of mythical creatures and the resonance of the long and tumultuous history reflected in the trees, stone work and throughout the natural environment.

Images by Kerrie Pacholli © pationpics.com

Shaolin Temple abstract view © pationpics.com
Shaolin Temple abstract view © pationpics.com
Shaolin Temple abstract view © pationpics.com
Shaolin Temple abstract view © pationpics.com
Shaolin Temple abstract view © pationpics.com
Shaolin Temple abstract view © pationpics.com
Shaolin Temple abstract view © pationpics.com
Shaolin Temple abstract view © pationpics.com
Shaolin Temple abstract view © pationpics.com
Shaolin Temple abstract view © pationpics.com

Summer Palace Beijing

The third instalment of my China trip photographic series gives a glimpse of the magnificent Summer Palace in Beijing. As with most man made structures in China the gardens are massive and the architecture elaborate.

Images by Kerrie Pacholli © pationpics.com

Summer Palace Beijing 2012 © pationpics.com
Summer Palace Beijing 2012 © pationpics.com
Summer Palace Beijing 2012 © pationpics.com
Summer Palace Beijing 2012 © pationpics.com
Summer Palace DSCN1762 low res
Summer Palace Beijing 2012 © pationpics.com
Summer Palace Beijing 2012 © pationpics.com
Summer Palace Beijing 2012 © pationpics.com

The Sacred Way – Beijing

As another instalment to my China trip series 2012, we have a window into The Sacred Way gardens in Beijing.

To give you a perspective on the size of  these statues, they are at least four times my height of 5′ 6″.

Images by Kerrie Pacholli © pationpics.com

Sacred Way gardens Beijing 2012
Sacred Way gardens Beijing 2012 © pationpics.com
Sacred Way gardens Beijing 2012
Sacred Way gardens Beijing 2012 © pationpics.com 








Sacred Way gardens Beijing 2012
Sacred Way gardens Beijing 2012 © pationpics.com
Sacred Way gardens Beijing 2012
Sacred Way gardens Beijing 2012 © pationpics.com
Sacred Way gardens Beijing 2012
Sacred Way gardens Beijing 2012 © pationpics.com
Sacred Way gardens Beijing 2012
Sacred Way gardens Beijing 2012 © pationpics.com



Capture the Castle with Collette

Collette announces new castle-stay tours

Collette has announced two exciting new castle-stay tours ‘France Magnifique’ and ‘Journey Through Southern France’ to add to its current suite of exquisite, luxury castle-stay tours, that includes Irish beauties Bellingham and Dromoland castles. The new tours are on sale now for May 2016 departure and will feature the sumptuous Chateau D’Augerville, fabulous Fontevraud L’Hôtel and the historic Hotel de la Cité.

For travellers who dream of walking with princes, courtiers and kings, Collette’s castle-stays make this possible.

Chateau vue du Pavillon
Chateau vue du Pavillon

Featuring a two-night stay in the majestic Chateau D’Augerville, the new France Magnifique tour will commence in 2016 taking travellers on a journey to discover the very best France has to offer. Chateau D’Augerville will see travellers lounging in lavishly-appointed drawing rooms with drapes of velvet and gilded furnishings, wandering through splendid gardens and dining like nobility in the magnificent grand hall. For Francophiles, staying at the castle is a real treat, with past-notable guests including the likes of literary legends Alexandre Dumas and François-René de Chateaubriand and Romantic artist Eugene Delacroix.

The tour, starting in panoramic Paris, offers travellers all must-see highlights as well, in the landmark architecture of the Arc de Triomphe, the Cathedral of Notre Dame and the Champs- Elysées. Other highlights include the Normandy coast, where the group will learn about the epic battle of Normandy and later see the relics of the artificial Mulberry port. Travellers can meander through the streets of Saint-Malo, freckled with frick-and-frack houses and soak up the stunning vistas in this famous seaside village.

Fontevraud L’Hôtel and Hotel de La Cité castles both feature in Collette’s new Journey Through Southern France tour. Fontevraud castle is where old worlds and new worlds collide. With an intricately carved exterior of sheer opulence, juxtaposed with a contemporary, minimalist décor, the castle serves as a virtual time machine for travellers on this tour.

Gaudin Castle
Gaudin Castle

Travellers will fraternise with French royalty in Fontevraud L’Hotel. An antique jewel, this castle was favoured by illustrious figures such as the Plantagenet family, Counts of Anjou and Kings of England. Henry II, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Richard the Lionheart and Isabelle d’Angoulème (widow of John Lackland – King John) are buried at Fontevraud. Their recumbent statues, which rested on their tombs can still be seen in the castle grounds today.

Hotel de La Cité is equally extravagant, with an outdoor tree-lined swimming pool, luxury spa and massage facilities and Michelin-star restaurant La Barbacane, all set against the theatrical backdrop of the castle’s fortress-like architecture.

In this tour, travellers will bask in the radiance of Paris the ‘City of Lights’, become burgeoning wine experts in Bordeaux, visit picturesque Provence and Carcasssone and marvel at the medieval village of Avignon, rich in history and culture. An optional ‘Flavours of Provence’ activity will see visitors accompany a local chef as they forage for truffles with truffle pigs and then whip up culinary wonders. Exploring the Loire valley, travellers will visit celebrated Chinon wine village and spend time with a local winemaker at his biodynamic winery. From sampling tantalising tannins to dining like kings, there is something for every traveller on this Journey through Southern France.

The bedroom in the 'presidential suite' at Dromoland Castle in County Clare.
The bedroom in the ‘presidential suite’ at Dromoland Castle in County Clare.

“We are excited to be able to offer such a diverse range of accommodation and activities in our product range. What makes these tours so special and unique is that our clients have the chance to sleep and dine in the castles – not just visit them. These castles have played host to some of the great historic and cultural icons, so our clients are in good company!’ said Alison Mead, Collette’s Australian Business Manager.

In Collette’s Countryside of the Emerald Isle tour, travellers can gaze in wonderment at the jewel- like hues of Ireland’s luscious landscape. Relishing in royalty, travellers will become enchanted by the baronial Bellingham castle. Strolling the grounds of babbling brooks, green gardens, weeping willows and stately turrets and towers wrapped in winding vines, the castle is reminiscent of a fairytale. The tour, beginning in Dublin, will also take travellers on a journey through Kinsale, where they will drive along the West Cork’s Wild Atlantic Way and admire the spectacular coastal scene.

The Elegant Ireland tour takes travellers on a different Irish dance through Dublin, Killarney and Castlemartyr. Guests will lose themselves in the magic of Ireland’s decadent Dromoland castle. With treasures like sparkling chandeliers, ornate tapestries of burgundy and royal blue, gold embossed cornices and dramatic coats of armour, this castellian experience will transport travellers back to a time where riches meant power and power meant everything.

Highlights of this Irish experience also include stopping at Blarney Castle to kiss the famous Blarney Stone and receive the ‘gift of the gab’, exploring the Ring of Kerry with its plunging cliffs, beautiful beaches and rolling hills of green, or finding solace in pampering at the Castlemartyr resort’s luxury spa.

About Collette

Established in 1918, Collette is a third-generation, family-owned worldwide tour operator. With headquarters in Rhode Island, Collette’s recently- opened Sydney office adds to the company’s global presence which includes offices in Vancouver, Toronto and London.

On offer is an extensive collection of four-star escorted tours, river and ocean cruises, rail journeys, small group tours, family tours and garden holidays. Renowned for connecting guests with cultural experiences which go far beyond those of an ordinary holiday, Collette prides itself on providing real value to its guests and agent partners. Knowledgeable tour managers, an industry-leading travel protection plan and inclusive touring are just part of the top-quality Collette experience. Just sit back, relax and be guided on your Collette adventure!

Aeroemmce Castle
Aerienne Castle

For details of the full tours or to book a trip:
Contact your local travel agent
Call Collette on 1300 792 195 or visit www.gocollette.com


Forbidden City Beijing

Some original images from my trip to China back in 2012. Below are a collection from the Forbidden City, Beijing series.

Beijing 2012
Beijing 2012 © pationpics.com
Forbidden City Beijing 2012
Forbidden City Beijing 2012 © pationpics.com
Forbidden City Beijing 2012
Forbidden City Beijing 2012 © pationpics.com
Forbidden City Beijing 2012
Forbidden City Beijing 2012 © pationpics.com
Forbidden City Beijing 2012
Forbidden City Beijing 2012 © pationpics.com
Forbidden City Beijing 2012
Forbidden City Beijing 2012 © pationpics.com
Forbidden City Beijing 2012
Forbidden City Beijing 2012 © pationpics.com
Forbidden City Beijing 2012
Forbidden City Beijing 2012 © pationpics.com
Forbidden City Beijing 2012
Temple of Heaven, Beijing 2012 © pationpics.com
Forbidden City Beijing 2012
Forbidden City Beijing 2012, Fu Dog guarding the entrance to the Forbidden City © pationpics.com

Calling all Singers!

Wish you could increase your range to hit those high or low notes you thought weren’t possible? Wish you could sing for longer without hurting your voice?

Want to be trained by the same person who has helped over 100 Grammy Award winners?

Torb Pedersen, a.k.a. “the voice guy”, founder of Torb Pedersen Institute, is the most comprehensively sought-after vocal expert in the world. Torb advises a diverse portfolio of client’s from over 100 Grammy Award winners, major record labels and even the White House Press Corps.

Now TPI is bringing their renowned teaching methods to Australia. Torb will be holding his vocal seminar consisting of 4 x 2 hour sessions over a two week period starting  in August 11th 2015 hosted by Black Pearl Studios.

This is where  you can learn how to increase your vocal range, sustain notes for longer and much, much more! Get in quick because there is limited space for this seminar!

Torb uses his vast knowledge of the vocal chords as well as neuromuscular techniques to eliminate preventable cases of vocal injuries and enhance vocal health and longevity, to give an understanding of how vocal system works and how to efficiently utilize it to achieve best and safest results. This scientific approach is revolutionizing vocal teaching methods in the 21st century.

Torb has helped singers, record labels, television and film production companies, professional speakers, educational institutes and even professional athletes through the use of his vocal techniques.

Torb’s recent and current projects include:

– Gloria Estefan PBS Television special
– Stevie Wonder – Tour, etc
– Barry Gibb Tour, Australia & New Zealand
– Henry Mancini Orchestra and Friends – Hollywood Bowl

By completing the 4 classes, vocal beginner seminar students will learn to:

– Add significant and dramatic new range
– Sing sustained high notes in newly developed range
– Remove switches, breaks and inconsistencies in your voice
– Show you how to technical interpret & achieve your personal style as an artist. – Develop an individual vocal identity

It’s not just about training your voice, but how to create your own vocal identity and how to achieve that identity technically, market-ready for worldwide audience acceptance.

It will be start in August 11, 2015 hosted by Black Pearl Studios, located in Moorabbin.

Revolution in Vocal teaching

‘Destiny by Design’ is the most unique and exhilarating vocal experience that’s ever been offered. ‘Destiny by Design’ is a revolution in vocal teaching, bringing skills and technology to artists that are so effective it will make you question everything you have done up to now.

TPI’s singing methodologies are so revolutionary in nature; they will completely alter your perspective on performance and training for the rest of your life. You will be literally peaking behind the curtain to the inner workings of your voice and how it connects to your nervous system, musculature and specific personality.

Built and constructed over several decades of exposure to the world’s biggest stars, these methods are not only comprehensive, but easily understood and adaptable, even for fledgling singers. You will make progress on a scale you didn’t realize was possible. You will experience the simultaneous thrill and security of being able to hold your vocal future in your hands.

• Deciphering your True Vocal Potential
• Focus on the Facts – Vocal Science vs. Vocal Myth
• Smash your old limits – Why Vocal Freedom leads to Creative Freedom
• Foundations for the Future – Vocal Guidelines to Serve you for Life
• The Damage Curve – Where do you sit?
• Determine Reward from Ruin – How to know what’s right and what’s wrong for your voice
• Direct Connect – Plugging your new vocal skills directly into your writing
• Danger conditions you don’t know about but ‘really should’
• Little effort, Big effect – How to create a broad range of dramatic vocal effects
• Focus on the Future – Your Vocal Battle Plan
• Vocal Pliability – What is it? Do you have it? Why you need it and how to get it.
• Vocal Strength and Power – The absolute steps to building them safely
• Understanding the links between your personality and your voice
• What we hear – What your voice type says about you, and what everyone else hears
• 3 Simple steps to developing Brand New Range
• 10 Ways to tell how your material is affecting your Audience
• 12 Signs that you are not singing correctly
• 5 Industry/Commercial Strategies for connecting your Audience to you
• What your Song Writing says about your Personality
• Vocal Neurological Testing – Where have you been, where can you go?
• Why you must separate your Emotions from your Wants
• Discover, Develop & Establish your Individual Vocal Identity
• Performance and Training Hierarchies
• How to break through traditional barriers to entry in to the international music market
• Insider information, strategies and tips from deep within the inner sanctum of the music industry.
• Learn about the physical and neurological predispositions that make YOU
• Learn about your differences on your path to creating your own Vocal Identity.
• What to eat, drink & do – Vocal Science vs. Vocal Myth
• How to keep your voice healthy under nearly all situations & conditions
• Performance and recording procedures and strategies that normally remain behind locked studio doors • Physiological & neurological group and individual vocal analysis
• Vocal technological advancements – Wellness and benefit for everyone


For more information call:

Galina Kogan
03 99 39 72 09 or 0407 540 137 http://www.blackpearlstudios.com.au/ https://www.facebook.com/BlackPearlStudios

For more information on TPI or Torb Pedersen: http://www.torbpedersen.com/About_TPI.html

Rob Zabrecky review… by Marian Webb

ROB ZABRECKY, International Guest of the Melbourne Magic Festival, mesmerized his audience with virtuosic skill in his one-man show  ‘Turn on the Dark with Zabrecky’.

From the moment he stalked with hypnotic fleetness of foot to centre stage and performed optical illusions on his head, spectators were
gripped by the uncanny sense that all odds were being expertly scrambled in the meshes of Zabrecky’s grouchy mesmerist persona.

One man was required to nurse a smallish cardboard box with breathing holes.

Another in an outsize dunce’s cap was consigned to the corner upon losing a mysteriouly rigged quiz show.

Introducing the concept of a 25-second intermission to the Melbourne stage, Zabrecky paused for a cup of tea – which he pronounced
“perfect!” – before continuing to amaze and enthrall with some up-to-the-minute dancing, to wild applause.

Rob Zabrecky_MG_9607‘Turn on the Dark with Zabrecky’ will feature tonight, Saturday 4th July at 8.15 pm at Northcote Townhall 189 High St, Northcote.    


images by Kerrie Pacholli © pationpics.com

Rob Zabrecky performing at Melbourne Magic Festival June 29 – 11 July

The formidable and very funny Rob Zabrecky currently performing his show Turn on the Dark as part of The Melbourne Magic Festival 2015.

Rob Zabrecky is a seasoned and multi-talented artist in magic as well as being a producer, singer / songwriter, actor, auctioneer and blogger / host with Who’s Hoo.

His focus and timing are unfathomable.

Needless to say this show is a must see for anyone that likes to be totally absorbed when being entertained.

I had the extreme pleasure of filming a one on one interview with Rob Zabrecky after his show the other night.  Be assured this will hit the screen next week so stay posted.

Rob Zabrecky being very funny

Rob Zabrecky

Rob Zabrecky being very funny
Rob Zabrecky being very funny during his show Turn on the Dark at Melbourne Magic Festival