Here Comes the Sun by Wes Carr

‘Here Comes The Sun’ showcases much loved Australian singer songwriter Wes Carr interpreting George Harrison’s songbook – taking on such chart topping classics as ‘My Sweet Lord’ and ‘What is Life’, and The Beatles classic ’Something’, a song which Frank Sinatra deemed ‘the greatest love song ever written’.

‘Here Comes The Sun’ will see Wes share intimate tales and anecdotes from George Harrison himself, not only showcasing the depth of George’s music but looking ‘within and without’ on a spiritual journey, recounting conversations George started many years ago. Storytelling is what Wes does best, and this is a truly unique story, celebrating the essence of an incredible artist from a musician’s perspective.

George Harrison wasn’t just the ‘quiet Beatle’ who played lead guitar for the most celebrated and influential band the world has ever seen. George was an innovator, arguably more so than John Lennon and Paul, McCartney, questioning life and reality, always searching for something deeper and in doing so, introducing the culture and traditions of the east to the west. Most famously, George Harrison collaborated with Ravi Shankar and embraced the practice of Transcendental Meditation, the teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

The connection with George Harrison has played a significant role in Wes’s life, the singer songwriter explaining, ‘If it wasn’t for George, I wouldn’t have started Transcendental Meditation 5 years ago, the practice played a large part in my recovery from depression. To me, George was a spiritual leader in his own way, as he was a guiding light for so many. Through his music he questioned life and challenged modern day thought. As The Beatles were falling apart and breaking up, George was finding himself through his many personal voyages around the world, mainly to India. I believe he became a vessel to expose the world to ancient traditions, spiritual practices and musical sensibilities that Westerners may not have come across otherwise. The times certainly were ‘a changing’ and George was at the forefront of a global shift that today still rings true for so many. I believe George’s music has more relevance now than it ever did – for all of these reasons, I knew I had to pay tribute to the life and work of George Harrison through a live show’.

Wes Carr will celebrate George Harrison’s life and influence through the live show. For bookings: HERE COMES THE SUN

Melbourne Gigs

Chapel Off Chapel on Friday 8 May and Saturday 9 May 2015.

Cheung’s Meridian Therapy / Iso Chi

William Chueng is Grandmaster of Wing Chun Kung Fu and one of the world’s leading Chinese Medical Doctors.

He is certified under the Chinese Medicine Registration Board of Victoria, and a member of the Australian Chinese Traditional Orthopaedics Association Inc.  He is a guest Professor at Foshan Sports University (China), and assigned as Senior Research Professor of the Bone Research Department to Beijing Chinese Medical University (China).  He is an author of eight books on health and well-being and currently lectures in more than a dozen countries as well as having a standing invitation to teach at Yale University in Connecticut, USA.

In 1972, Grandmaster Chueng was the honoured custodian for the five hundred year old ancient Chinese Medical Scrolls containing secrets in herbal formulae and Meridian / Pressure Point treatments for various illnesses and disorders. These scrolls have been traditionally handed down by famous Chinese doctors and grand masters for the past two thousand years.

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The Man Behind the Cello

Just before the commencement of his recent Melbourne tour I had the opportunity to film an exclusive interview with world renowned Cellist, Columbian born Santiago Cañón Valencia  at the Tolarno Hotel in St Kilda. The next day I saw him perform at the Melbourne Recital Centre.

Under any circumstances this young man is a standout.  At 19 years old he is already a veteran of the world stage, playing with some of the best Symphony Orchestras from across the globe from the age of 6!.

With an impressive array of accolades Santiago is a well polished, disciplined musician who was born into a gifted musical family all of whom play classical and his teachers were carefully chosen.  But does anyone really know the source of this kind of musical presence?

I’ve seen many of the worlds best performers do their thing. Santiago is something else altogether.

He plays the Cello as a Maestro. When he is playing, one’s eyes are firmly fixed on him and his ring clad fingers. His playing is ethereal, hypnotic and transportive. His physical appearance conjures gothic images of past worlds. If I had to draw on a contemporary romantic parallel to describe Santiago’s appearance in the flesh, who springs to mind are the beloved characters from Ann Rice’s sizzling novel Interview with a Vampire. But of course, that is only fantasy and Santiago is very human, very gracious, and a very talented young virtuoso.

Lady Marigold Southey, champion of the arts in association with Skyhigh Promotions delivered Santiago to our shores to give us a taste of what is to come from this unique and enigmatic musician.

My lasting impression is Santiago Cañón Valencia is classical music’s equivalent to a Rock God.

The release of our forthcoming filmed interview with Santiago Canon Valencia by gifted Melbourne pianist 15 year old Spencer Harris titled ‘The Man Behind the Cello’ is coming soon so stay posted…

Melbourne pianist Spencer Harris and Santiago Canon Valencia at Tolarno Hotel St Kilda Melbourne. Image by Megagraphics Photography
Melbourne pianist Spencer Harris and Santiago Canon Valencia at Tolarno Hotel St Kilda Melbourne. Image by Megagraphics Photography