St Kilda Festival Sunday 2015 – Main Stage

Welcome to country speech

by Caroline Briggs senior Boon Wurrung spokesperson

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CR Amanda Stevens Mayor of Port Phillip

The Basics

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Wally De Backer aca Goyte

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Tim Heath

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Kris Schroeder

San Cisco

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Scarlet Stevens

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Jordi Davieson

Russell Morris

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Peter Robinson

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Russell Morris

The Church

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Steve Kilbey

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Peter Koppes


Tim Powles

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Ian Haug

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Frank Yamma & El Witeri

I was at the Yarra Hotel last Saturday night for special acoustic and electric guitar performances by outstanding legendary Aussie singer / songwriter’s Frank Yamma and El Witeri front man for The Red Eyes.

On entering the pub the first people we saw were Frank exuding an unassuming presence yet looking magnificent in his flaming red shirt and black vest and reggae man El, switched on and ready to rock the first set, delivering a beautifully sung upbeat performance on love and life.

Once on stage Frank morphed from unassuming to the embodiment of land and culture.

Totally compelling, crystal clear songs both in his native tongue of Pitjantjatjara and English, rich in imagery, emotion and spirit. Powerful acoustic, hand made guitar playing, that at times, to my ears, conjured, didjeridoo and a choir of voices.

Perceived as a World Music performer the world cannot get enough of Frank Yamma who was off to Japan the next day followed by a tour of Europe, USA and Canada.

Needless to say I purchased Frank Yamma’s CD Uncle.

El Witeri font man for The Red Eyes performing at Yarra Hotel.
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Frank Yamma performing at the Yarra Hotel ©