Chopper the Musical

Lucy Gale, Simon Palomares, Mick Pealing and Kelly Auty
Lucy Gale, Simon Palomares, Mick Pealing and Kelly Auty

About a month ago I was invited by Lucy Gale to attend the first of a series of rehearsals for Chopper the Musical. As a publicist and photo journalist my aim was to  capture the magic of this outstanding creative collaboration as it unfolded.

All we knew was the title of the project and for me that was compelling enough as I was already a fan of Chopper after reading his books back in the 90’s. ‘Chopper’ the movie concreted my interest. 

As far as the show was concerned I LOVED THE WHOLE THING. High creativity and black humour at its best.

Rehearsals for the official launch were fast paced and professional as were all who attended. Co creators’ Frank Howson and Warren Wills both celebrated producers of theatre and musicals set the bar high and the energy ignited. 

As everyone seemed comfortable with me taking pics I had the urge to start filming. Fittingly this urge gave birth to the idea of a documentary of the making  of Chopper the Musical … a work in progress. Wonderful stuff, very inspirational and testimony to the creative influences and legacy left by the late Mark Brandon ‘Chopper’ Read.

The day of the official media launch arrived. The cast delivered a powerful story through a trilogy of songs and spoken word. This was hungrily consumed by the media and presented to the world.

Contentious and controversial as Chopper himself this production is earmarked for greatness.



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