The 20th Man Annual Gala







The 20th Man Fund has enormous reach and ongoing potential.

With Les Twentyman at the helm since 1984 this non for profit organisations has been proactive in addressing the needs of our societies  most disadvantaged, marginalised and often forgotten. Our street kids.

The social impact that the 20th Man has on youth in Melbourne is immeasurable and without public support, sponsorship and donations Melbourne’s youth and indeed our society at large would be in a far worse state.

The 20th Man Fund Charity Gala is on the 18 October, 2013 providing an opportunity to showcase to the general public the positive results the 20th Man achieves throughout the year.

If you would like to be part of this special event or feel you have something to contribute please call Wayne Owens on 0417 107 595 or email

For more information please refer to

***2013 Gala Flyer


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