Majestic Palais Theatre


Attracting 86 years of culture and artist expression

Palais front on low res

As we know, back in 1927 the Palais Theatre was the brainchild of some post WW1 American entrepreneurs with a keen passion of film.

Always a successful epicentre of entertainment throughout the proceeding decades, in 1957 the Palais Theatre was on sold to local Melbourne entrepreneurs to caretake and develop. To this day, with the moral and business backing of our community, the Palais Theatre remains one of the most attractive and successful entertainment centres in our city.

For 86 years this majestic work of art, globally recognised as one of the finest examples of Art Deco architecture in Australia has served our community with grace and majesty.

Fourteen years shy of a century the spirit of the Palais has continued to attract the world’s most celebrated performing artists to our shores and our city. Proudly doing its part in keeping a soul pulse in our community.

Who exactly is it that thinks the Palais Theatre has had its used by date? For what reasons?

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