Illumination from Isolation

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Welcome to a view into the life of artist, musician and street philosopher Ed Browne aka BOX-ED through his recent exhibition titled THIS IS NOT A XANAX at BRIGHTSPACE art gallery in Martin Street, St Kilda.Ed’s hard hitting body of work is the manifest of 13 years born out of the primal need to be seen, heard, impact, validate and survive.

The selection of sixteen white on black statement based graphics illuminate transcendence from the stifling confines of isolation.At the beginning of his 13 year evolution Ed, then afflicted with a desperate sense of urgency spent many 16 hour ‘tours of duty’ sticking BOX-ED posters on poles and empty walls around the streets of Sydney and Melbourne.Today equipped with a robust spirit and a healthy streak of conservative eccentricities Ed chooses to share his iconic reflections with an appreciative audience of which I am one.This body of work is uplifting in effect taking us straight to a raw and honest overview of life’s many trials and tribulations, leaving us with an invaluable opening for reflective questioning.With true entrepreneurial style Ed also provides a selection of memorabilia in the form of statement t-shirts, coffee mugs, calendars and buttons. or expressions of interest call Ed on 0450 432 340.

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Ed Browne

After a successful show artist Ed Browne, gallery director Kylie Greer and owner Martin Kantor reflect on things to come. For a comprehensive view of Ed’s work stay tuned to for his forthcoming slideshow. BrightSpace_logonew

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