Dominic Ross music man extraordinaire…

29 July 2012

475280_320063641407226_1795375105_o.jpg Dominic ross photoIf you are not already a fan it is my pleasure to initiate our TT cyber family to the spectacular Dominic Ross, music man extraordinaire. Singer/ songwriter/ pianist / composer / musical director and actor Dominic is the real deal, a seasoned and consummate performer and another of our amazing countries home grown talents.

Dominic has been enjoying a continuous and jam packed career as a professional artist from an early age heading some of Melbourne’s most popular and long living rock bands such as Hot Gossip, Karma and Rosario through to performing with and for the worlds acknowledged greats in Australia and around the globe.

Live or recorded Dominic sings with eminent conviction allowing for a soulful and heartwarming trans portative experience for his listeners. His latest album INTO THE NIGHT reflects his cultural origins also allowing his listeners to share some beautiful Italian classics. Keep tuned for his forthcoming live performances.

Lucy Gale and Dominic Ross
Dominic Ross and Lucy Gale performing at 12 Elizabeth Street, Kensington

For more information and purchase of Dominic’s latest album INTO THE NIGHT click on