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Reuben Stone

Reuben Stone performing in Melbourne
Reuben Stone performing in Melbourne

I would like to introduce you to Reuben Stone an inspired and inspiring young musician, songwriter, singer and performing artist.

I first encountered Reuben performing on the streets of Melbourne. His music stopped me in my tracks and after listening to one song I purchased one of his CD’s titled Spacing Memories.  I am listening to that CD as I am writing this story.

Spacing Memories takes us on a journey throughout the ages, awakening rich emotional landscapes that draw us to the centre of our hearts. Reuben is a story teller. At 24 years old he is a seasoned artist with the need to release and share his enormous creativity and talent. He is a profound solo artist whose music and lyrics transcend time and space. Very refreshing.

Personally, I do not know much more about Reuben other than he is another really gifted New Zealander born and bred, and my research tells me he was raised on a diet of drums and bass.

I do recognise he is very charismatic with great talent and I know he is on the rise.

His latest EP titled Spy Plans, where Reuben composed, sung, played all musical instruments as well as designing his CD cover is now available for your listening pleasure.