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SMADJ from Istanbul and Paris to Australia.

Full interview between Smadj and 3CR’s Werner Martin


I had the pleasure of meeting Tunisian born, Parisian musician Jean-Pierre Smadja aka SMADJ who is currently on tour along the east coast of Australia performing with his signature Oud, both acoustic and electric.

With it’s origins in the Middle East the Oud is considered a sacred instrument often described as the King of Instruments. Legend has it that the Oud was invented by Lamech, the sixth grandson of Adam from the pharaonic era stretching back over 5,000 years.

Smadj grew up listening to Oriental, Brazilian, funk and folk music and started his musical career as a Jazz guitarist at age 15. His interest in the mechanics of making music lead him to pursue a degree in sound engineering resulting in a fruitful career as a recording and sound engineer for other famous musicians.

Smadj’s discography includes 17 albums with his first in 1993.

In 2000 he became recognised on an international scale for his signature blending of acoustic and electronic sounds on Equilibriste which ascended on the European World Music charts to 4th position.

On his current Australian tour he will be performing songs from his soon to be release album “Oud Solotronic”.

An authentic musical collaborator and Oud master, Smadj along with his musical kindred spirits and world class musicians has transported the Oud to the 21st century.

For more information smadjmusic.com

SMADJ – Australian tour 2016

4 March 2016 – Arrive to Melbourne

5 March 2016 – Melbourne – Mesopotamia (Underground music Festival

6 March 2016 – Sydney – The Basement

7-8 March 2016 – Promotional activities

9 March 2016 – Tasmania – Fluke and Bruce

10 March 2016 – Tasmania promotional activities

11 March 2016 – Melbourne -Memo Music Hall

12 March 2016 – Melbourne – private event at the Glasshouse.

13 March 2016 – Melbourne – Queen Victoria Market Festival (with Bashka)

14 March – Melbourne – Belle Ville

15 March – Melbourne – Rest

16 March – Brisbane – promotional Activities

17 March 2016 – Brisbane – The Wooly Mammoth

18 March 2016 – Canberra – White Eagle Polish Club

19 March 2016 – Sydney – Private Party

20 March 2016 – Melbourne – Musica VIVA Festival (with Bashka)

20 March 2016 – Return to Paris