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20 August 2012

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Lucy Gale portrait titled “Somewhere under the Rainbow” by Jim van Geet

As one of Melbourne’s unknown, long time inhabitants I have very recently come to know of nationally celebrated Victorian based artist Jim van Geet. My “awakening” came to pass as a result of his portrait of Lucy Gale titled “Somewhere under the Rainbow” which was part of the 2012 “ Hidden Faces of the Archibald “ exhibition at the Hilton at Docklands and in pride of place at the Age’s Media House Gallery from 20th August  on the 28th September 2012.

Awakening, you may ask? Well, it was ignited five minutes into an interview with Lucy Gale during the time her portraiture was part of the Hidden Faces People’s Choice Awards at the Hilton in Docklands. I was actually asked to come along to take some shots of Lucy and her portrait.

Within minutes I became intrinsically linked to Lucy, her story and Jim van Geet. The best way to describe what happened is to say I became part of an extraordinary tapestry of life in motion that is gaining momentum by the hour, day, week and month. When I give my attention to the creative force that radiates through these individuals the feeling is exhilarating. I know very little of their personal circumstances other than they are profound, live in the present and celebrate the ethereal world in magnificent splendor through colour, canvas and song. It is indeed magical when artists exponentially shape events through the inspired unleashing of the creative essence that lives within us all.

A consummate professional, Jim van Geet started his career in the corporate world as a Technical Advisor to Patent Attorneys after completing his Diploma of Applied Science; it wasn’t long before his destiny propelled him to complete his Diploma of Fine Art, change careers, become self-employed as a Furniture Designer and continue to paint.

His dedication to the pursuit of excellence also moved him to undertake tuition from artists such as John Borrack, Sir William Dargie, Ron Crawford and The Melbourne Realist Art School.
Like all well-trained artists he is fluent in a wide range of subject matter, however it is his portraits and figurative works for which he is best known.

His predilection for painting interesting portraits, stems from his approach and selection of subjects.

As he says, “ People are endlessly fascinating and they each have a history and story to tell. I enjoy spending a lot of time on research and in discussions with them until I feel that I can do justice in portraying WHO they are honestly. “

During a recent discussion Jim shared an insightful story about the iconic Melbourne creative Barry Dickins who spent time at Jim’s country haven situated in the foothills of Mount Buffalo during the painting of Barry’s portrait. This, of course has now linked me to the poignant, fantastical and joyful world of Barry Dickins. And the beat goes on…

Barry Dickens portrait by Jim van Geet















Around the globe the art world is experiencing a resurgence of focus and appreciation back to he learned skills of the fine artist. Jim Van Geet exemplifies such an artist. All his paintings project an expanding story with interconnectedness that is forever in motion.

Always available to discuss portrait commissions you can check out his website: www.jimvangeet.com
Do not miss this leg of this amazing exhibition.