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David Quirk “ Career, Suicide”

David Quirk’s show  ‘Career, Suicide’ should be noted, in the first instance, for the comma that separates the two words therein. It eluded everyone and is the hinge point of a dual themed show. David recounts his time at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and there is the unsaid that it nearly killed him financially. It was noted in the English newspaper The Guardian that the average comedian loses $14,000 by putting a show up at the Valhalla of comedy.

From Melbourne, his day-job is in a skateboard shop across the road from the venue where he plays. This is where his heartbeats: in the theatre cauldron of the drive for laughs and connection. He elevates the absurd beyond cringe to own it in divine camp. He explores his own ethics and his belief in the sanctity of life without ever coming across as sanctimonious. David’s show is a taut honed little beast with razored material which then lets go into looser territory before picking up its heels and dragging itself to an alluded end.

review by Conor O’Neill

Ticketmaster 1300 660 013 or at the door

DATES & TIMES 23 Shows 27 Mar – 20 Apr

VENUE: Melb Town Hall – Cloak Room

Melb Town Hall – Lunch Room

PRICES: $20 – $28.90