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UgLeigh – Alex Theatre – MICF 2019

Crowded Together Productions proudly presents this hilarious, offbeat, absurdist comedy inspired play by Marius von Mayenburg’s ‘The Ugly One’. for MICF 2019.

Alex Theatre, St Kilda
Doors Open: 7.30pm
Act One: 8.00pm
Approx. Finish Time: 9.10pm

PERFORMANCE DATESWed 10th, Thurs. 11th, Fri 12th Sat.13th & Sunday 14th April.

Tickets: Adults $36.85, Concession $34.40.  Artist Passes welcome

In a world where botox, implants and Instagram filters reign supreme, Leigh, finds out she’s a … not-so-aesthetically pleasing woman. In other words, she was hit with the ugly stick. several times. But Leigh is determined to get ahead no matter what the cost.

Shamita Siva (Co-director/Producer/Writer).  Shamita is a multifaceted performance artist and creative. Comfortable on stage or on screen, Shamita is a performer who enjoys a challenge. A trained dancer from an early age, she has performed professionally overseas as well as nationally. She developed an interest in physical theatre forms and has trained in Butoh alongside her acting. She holds a BA Performing Arts from Monash University, supplemented by training with Film & Television Studios International, Stella Adler AoA Los Angeles, and the Meisner Technique. Shamita is also a keen writer and often incorporates spoken word into her pieces and performances. She draws inspiration from everyday experiences, music and sound, and socio- political issues she is impassioned by.

Charlotte Rose Watson (Co-director/Producer/Writer): Charlotte caught the acting bug in high school and continued with private acting lessons before completing a Bachelor of Performance at University of Wollongong. After moving from Sydney, her first Melbourne theatre debut was performing in the 2016 Melbourne Fringe Festival in the production ‘Altar Girl’. This is where Sham and Charlotte met. Charlotte has recently undertaken the Producer Bootcamp mentored by Laura Milke Garner to expand her theatre-making and theatre producing skill set. She has a passion for producing and writing plays – especially comedy! She previously worked as a talent agent representing Melbourne actors and coaching acting classes. She now proudly works at the Alex Theatre where she is their theatre programmer and the executive assistant to the general manager.


Andrew Burns, a whiz bang trivia host and actor who plays the famous surgeon Dr. David Wazinski.

Maia Absburg an incredibly powerful actor and physical theatre performer, plays on our heart strings as Leigh.

Ben Lindsay, a tradie by day, dynamite actor by night, Ben plays the well-meaning yet oblivious Hank- Leighs husband.

Nicolette Nespeca; who’s comic timing is brilliant in the roles Leigh’s boss Lucille and #Insta-Famous Yogini.


Event Page:



Macnamara Candidate’s Forum on climate change & energy

Open Media is proud to be supporting and filming this very important event.  Stay posted for filmed footage and story to come from the night.

St Kilda Town Hall – Wed 3rd April, 7 to 9pm- Free Event – All welcome

This Wednesday evening, from 7pm – 9pm, the candidates for the three major parties will participate in this live, public forum on climate change and energy. 

The forum is of interest because:
– You can hear directly from each candidate as they discuss their views on the most critical issue of the day; climate change
– The larger the crowd the more the candidates will see that climate change is a very weighty issue for voters
– It’s your opportunity to ask any candidate your question about their climate change and energy policies
– Climate change policy has a direct impact on the health of our waterways, beaches and the bay.

Three subject matter experts will also speak and provide their views on what needs to be done about climate change and energy.  This should give the candidates plenty to discuss on the night! The speakers are; Fiona Armstrong from the Climate and Health Alliance, Simon Holmes a Court from Energy Transition Hub and Eloisa Moses-McMahon from Albert Park College (student).

See full details of the forum here:


CoWork Me – artist, business people and entrepreneurs finding common ground

The night was full of positive energy that vibrated through the whole place, setting the scene for an unforgettable experience for the many people that attended. Apart from being well catered for by local suppliers, the forum was introduced and closed with a superb didgeridoo performance by Stan Yarramunua.

Stan Yarramunua at CoWork Me function image © Simon Barnett

Stan Yarramunua at CoWork Me 

Christopher Mulcahy from Enabir moderated this free event, a resident of CoWork Me.

Three artists and entrepreneurs; actress Tottie Goldsmith, artist and author Stan Yarramunua (Yarra) and tech entrepreneur Blake McIntyre were special guests who shared their stories and insights of their achievements.

CoWork Me image by Simon Barnett Open Media

CoWork Me image by Simon Barnett Open Media

Chris believes that the journey of an artist and an entrepreneur has many things in common and one of them is the fact that it’s often a very lonely road. Coming together and supporting each other at an event such as this is incredibly invaluable.

Chris said, “Courage is something that is the first step in being your own person and to do what everyone here tonight does. Being an artists and entrepreneur and to be true to that courage and remain committed to that courage is sometimes a difficult thing. I would just implore everyone that if they ever felt that courage was weakening reach out to someone here tonight or someone who is like minded, because they all deserve it in droves because what they are doing is amazing.”

Totti Goldsmith

Tottie Goldsmith’s father was a nightclub entrepreneur and had several wives so she came from a large family and they lived in a big house.

In her words, wives coming and going, children being born, shit going down, new clubs opening … it was nuts, it was beautiful, it was breaking bread and drinking wine and sharing stories and life.

“I’ve had so many knockbacks I can’t tell you, and it’s ok because not everything is meant to be. Just keep your clarity in what you want but with flexibility,” said Tottie.  

“I think with flexibility you can move and grow as you’re going along. Keep witnessing what’s going on around you and where your strengths are, because I think as we grow, we are still exploring ourselves.”  

Stan Yarramunua came from the streets of St Kilda, his father was a Frenchman and worked with the Brother Circus as a lion tamer and temporary boxer and his mother was aboriginal.

Growing up he mixed with a lot of men and women who didn’t have a lot. He didn’t want to go hungry, so when an opportunity came up as a kid, whether it was real or not, Stan went and got what he needed to eat. One day he picked up a paintbrush and never looked back.

“Yes it was a struggle, but I don’t look at it as a struggle. I look at it about growing … there’s no pain, there’s no gain and that’s what life is about, there’s a bit of pain in it, but that’s what it is. That means your living, and it’s the spirit of my ancestors that I believe are up there and they choose certain people to be role models, to be out there as examples on the good part of our culture,” said Stan.

Blake McIntyre

Blake McIntyre is a videographer and was filming a social entrepreneurship competition when he ended up at the Branson Centre in South Africa filming a journey of the winner of the competition that happened to be Christopher Mulcahy. While on the job, Blake learnt a lot about being an entrepreneur and has since embraced what he has learnt in his new business. His business is now worth around the eight-figure mark. He developed Pospay a system for restaurants and also used by casinos.

“If you don’t try it, you’ll always regret not having a go, take into account whether it’s viable, and if there is even the slightest chance that you could actually pull it off, go for it,” said Blake. “It’s a roller coaster, every business is. You have really good highs … and then there will be crashes … after a while you just learn to level out and stay in a plateau … don’t get too emotional.”  

The evening was a networking success, invaluable conversations were had and the final after party at the Espy was a delight, enjoyed by everyone who attended and can be summarised by the following comments. 

Michelle Cain said, “It was amazing, all the speakers were very individual … very inspiring.”

Isobell Vescovi from Just Graze Melbourne said, Yeah, I’d definitely come again, it was a great night. I’m just sort of starting out and it was really inspiring to hear the speakers … and what inspires them to keep going when things get tough.”

“It was really good to see this at a local level … and all these people in the room together so it was great to hear their [celebrity guests] experience,” said Ciara Walsh.

Tottie summarized by saying, “Have an idea but be processed driven and keep [the thing], trust your gut.” “Some people don’t like you, that’s ok, it’s not an ego game, and not everyone is going to love us. We’re not here to be loved by everybody, we’re here to live our truth.

“As Ford said, if you think you can or you think you can’t, you right. Trust your gut! We are all dreamers and don’t let anyone take that away from you.”  

by Simon Barnett


Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2019 story

Text & Image by Kerrie Pacholli

Tommy Little Comedian & MC at the MICF 2019 launch

The team at Open Media is thrilled to be able to produce some unique highlights of the iconic Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2019 highlights. We will be reviewing a broad mix of homegrown and international talent for your viewing pleasure. So stay tuned…

Produced © Open Media

Filmed by Tim Barnett Edited by Simon Barnett

50 Shades of Grey Musical – Alex Theatre review

Review by Kerrie Pacholli


It could only be from the Midas touch group at the Alex Theatre to ensure that this FANF……TASTIC musical parody of the very series ’50 Shades of Grey’ books and films hit St Kilda.

Anyone that has seen the films with the very sexy Jamie Dorman, who even made a psycho sexual serial killer in “The Fall” look hot, will get a spark of interest.  There were a lot of women in the audience I noted. However, this story onstage emanates from the books and your imaginations. Probably more sensuous anyway.

Oh course, it was a hit all over America and now some very switched on Producers in David Venn Enterprises have brought it to our shores.  My guess it will go on the road for quite a while once word gets out.

This  extremely funny, well produced show consisting of nine TOP NOTCH actors, singers and dancers is a MUST to kick start your Comedy Festival dates.

It was such a positive ‘shot in the arm’ to coin a well known phrase, I not only slept like I had my fill but I woke up frisky as well and raring to go.


Oh, if you are wondering where to go the Alex Theatre begins the Paris end of Fitzroy Street.

Level 1, 133-135 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda VIC 318

For bookings : Tickertek

Comedy ALLSTARS Supershow Palais Theatre

Text & photo by Kerrie Pacholli

Palais MICF AllStars Comedy 2019

Now that I have recovered from that very powerful and punchy night at the ALL STARS I can give a brief rundown.

For a start, it was a KNOCKOUT!

All glam and giltz with 27 of the worlds top comedians giving their best in 5 minute stand ups.  Except for one or two glitches with sound. Or perhaps I am a little deaf these days. Not sure, that pic was taken from my seat.  Regardless, you will get the Full Monty broadcast quality no doubt.  It is a tremendous night and a treat to be welcomed to this ever growing and progressive thinking movement through comedy. Great to finally see the girls. Yes the GAY GIRLS on top.

Spiegeltent launch, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2019

Story & Pics by Kerrie Pacholli


Crowd at the MICF 2019 launch © PationPics_9774

Spiegeltent Art Centre at the MICF 2019 launch 

This year I got my (you know what together) and managed to successfully communication with the fine folk in the publicity department of this years MICF 2019. Needless to say Open Media has been warmly welcomed into the fold.

Special thanks to relatively new kid on the block Jodi Crocker Social Set Media, Public Relations, Marketing and Social Media, 5/34 Grey Street, St Kilda 318,+61 403 026 000 ,

VIP's at the Spiegeltent, MICF 2019 launch © PationPics_9772

Big Wigs at the Spiegeltent, MICF 2019 launch 

The launch at The Famous Spiegeltent Art Centre was quite a treat, with all the big wigs graciously giving their utmost support. I suppose that has mostly always been the case, however this is the first time I witnesses it.

Hannah Gadsby at Spiegeltent, MICF 2019 launch © PationPics0006

Hannah Gadsby at Spiegeltent, MICF 2019 launch 

Poster girl Hannah Gadsby performing at Hamer Hall , a talented comedian that has worked her bootie off for years on the circuits was honour if not gobsmacked to be given this prestigious elevation. Well done I say.

Flo & Joan at the Spiegeltent, MICF 2019

Flo & Joan at the Spiegeltent, MICF 2019 launch.

Flo & Joan gigs at the Melbourne Town Hall. They’re the perfect mix of harmony and humour, with catchy tunes, sweet but sharp lyrics and enviable elocution skills.

‘These intricately crafted, flawlessly performed numbers will have you howling with laughter one minute, wiping away a tear the next. ★★★★’ The Telegraph (UK)

 the Spiegeltent, MICF 2019 launch © PationPics_0082

Captain Cauliflower & Marvin the Mischievous Mouse at the Spiegeltent, MICF 2019 launch

 Side-splitting, stiff-upper-lipped hilarity from critically-acclaimed UK comedy duo Dan Lees and Neil Frost. This is classic British absurdity at its best. Dressed in bowler hats and mismatching suits, these charming and eccentric English gents will bring the belly laughs with their trademark mix of physical comedy and quick-fired wit. The Establishment’s unique and infectiously funny style will plunge you into a world of the absurd and leave your ribs well and truly tickledMalthouse Theatre

Carla Wills & Urvi Majumdar from SASS ATTACK! Spiegeltent, MICF 2019 launch

Carla Wills & Urvi Majumdar from SASS ATTACK! Spiegeltent, MICF 2019 launch

SASS ATTACK , …dark, it’s sassy and it’s really funny. Who are we gonna sass? Our ex-boyfriends? The elderly in the supermarket? People that wear woollen headbands? Nothing is off limits!

Tommy Little Comedian & MC at the MICF 2019 launch

Last but not least maestro of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival launch at Melbourne’s Famous Spiegeltent, Tommy Little MC. at Art Centre Melbourne


YO CARMEN with Maria Pagès at Hamer Hall

Review by Kerrie Pacholli

Art Centre Melbourne Hamer Hall audiences, usually a conservative fraternity, expect the best in comfort, technology and talent. Yet again we were not disappointed.

I do love all that is Art Centre!

YO CARMEN, created by Spain’s most treasured and globally celebrated flamenco choreographer, director and dancer Maria Pagès and her Company consisting of 15 of the Spain’s best writers, dancers and musicians had me hypnotized from the first beguiling fan dance. I was transported through time and space. My soul penetrated by Maria’s vanguard Carmen remake using an effective mix of sound track from Bizet’s 1875 score interwoven with live contemporary flamenco compositions. 


Powerful emotions were ignited, awakening tantalizing hauntings from my childhood of exotic, sexually charged Gypsy flamenco dancers, thunderously stamping their feet and clicking their castanets. Wild and raw gyrating women dancing with not a hair out of place, being tamed and disciplined by the music of their equally exotic powerful male counterparts.

A tear welled from deep within.  I thought, YO CARMEN!

If anyone in that capacity full theatre was hanging out to see Carmen, the bewitching femme fatal  “taken out” by one of her jealous admirers. Well that didn’t happen…

I was taken to a sacred ethereal epicenter of female energy where continuous explosions of power reside and were channeled to ignite, create, transform and transcend. Can be scary for some…

Onstage dancing with her much younger troupe and hidden musicians Maria was part of, yet orchestrated every move, instrument and vocal ingredient. Potent synchronicity and the voyeuristic megalomaniac in me could not get my eyes off Maria. (you know it hides within us all)

Clearly at the top of her game María Pagés is endowed with evolving charisma that comes with intelligence, confidence and in her case athleticism of someone 30 years her junior.

My instincts tell me that the youth of the world need the opportunity to experience the High Magick artistry of María Pagés Compañía.

Yes, I liked the show.

Arts Centre Melbourne and Arts Projects Australia presents


Yo, Carmen

11 – 12 March 2019
Arts Centre Melbourne, Hamer Hall
Tickets now on sale at

Additional performances:

8 – 9 March 2019
WOMADelaide, Botanic Park, Adelaide

Review NOBG – Night of Broken Glass- Kristallacht

Review by Marian Webb. Images by Kerrie Pacholli

Night of Broken Glass (NOBG) – a collaboration by staff and students of the Australian Catholic University, Alkira Secondary School, members of the Choir of Hard Knocks and other able and disabled multifaith Victorians – was staged three times on Sunday 18 November 2018 in picturesque Cathedral Hall at the ACU Melbourne campus in Fitzroy: at 3pm, 6pm and 11pm. The late show was streamed live to St Lawrence Jewry Church in London. This sterling effort was the result of six weeks intensive rehearsal under the direction of Warren Wills and Dr Beth Rankin. It was an exercise in “socially inclusive theatre;” participants were not required to audition, only to bring their abundant enthusiasm to the project, which served to commemorate Kristallnacht, the notorious pogrom of the night of 9-10 November 1938, when the windows of Jewish businesses throughout Nazi Germany were smashed by paramilitary and civilians.

NOBG © pationpics.com_8337 copy

Gary Sokolov, son of Lale Sokolov, Tattooist of Auschwitz.

Welcome to Wurunjeri Country was performed by Shane Charles whose didgeridoo led an astounding musical ensemble under the musical direction of Warren Wills.

NOBG © pationpics.com_8287 copy

Songs, stories, dance and even drumming by a team from Alkira Secondary School filled out a 90-minute variety spectacle. Song lyrics by ACU students were projected to a big screen on stage, as was footage of Uncle Alf “Boydie” Turner, grandson of William Cooper the Yorta Yorta man who on 9 December 1938 presented a petition to the German Consulate in Melbourne protesting the Nazis treatment of Jews. The petition was not accepted then, but 79 years later Uncle Boydie presented a replica of the petition to the Consulate. The replica was accepted. Uncle Boydie was present in the audience at NOBG and gave a bow at the end, when extensive acknowledgements were made.NOBG © pationpics.com_8294 copy



NOBG © pationpics.com_8280 low resOther highlights included the story of the Tattooist of Auschwitz, a Slovakian Jew Lale Sokolov who was set to work by the Nazis and met his future wife in Auschwitz – as told by their son Gary Sokolov. Another remarkable story is that of Kurt Wildberg, who escaped internment because his father had won the Iron Cross for bravery in World War 1.

NOBG © pationpics.com_8318 copy

Of note also the story of Dorothy Thompson, a US reporter ejected from Germany over her reportage of events preceding Kristallnacht. Her story was performed by Monica Thomas, John Brown and Eliza De Luca to great effect.

Enthusiasm, variety and burgeoning talent were the ingredients that made Night of Broken Glass a worthwhile theatrical event. After three highly energetic performances in one day the cast and crew can congratulate themselves on a job well done. NOBG certainly was a night to remember.

NOBG © pationpics.com_8355 copy

Gary Sokolov, musical director Warren Wills and Shane Charles

NOBG © pationpics.com_8363 copy

Uncle Boydie with Warren Wills



Richard Morrison artist photo by Kerrie Pacholli ©

Richard Morrison artist photo by Kerrie Pacholli ©

With approximately 80 works being offered and listed with NO-RESERVE price… this is an opportunity to own a piece from one of Melbourne’s most colourful and exciting portrait & expressionist artists at studio clearance prices.

Viewing and registration from 6pm with Auction from 7:30pm

Please Note:

A portion of this exhibition has adult themes and imagery which may require parental discretion.

Morrison has depicted on canvas many well-known personalities and social icons from the thriving underground and alternative scenes that are now forever embodied in many of his signature paintings.

“Colour is an uplift – my works originally stemmed from viewing club and theatrical performances which then became a cultural statement”, he says. “My vision is colourful, even when my subject matter is set in a dark environment, the mood becomes bright. Elation is the expressive component”.

Morrison has works in five public collections with many of his work being sold and again rebought on the secondary market.

Two pieces from this collection will be allocated for Charity in support of ‘Living Positive Victoria’ and ‘Thorne Harbour Heath’.

Bid at auction on Friday 23 November at Saint Martins Place (St Kilda) and make the most of this rare opportunity.


Plenty of Free on-street parking around the venue from 6pm.

Please observe and adhere to all parking signs.

Public Transport to Venue:

We would like to acknowledge and thank the following for their support and contribution to this project.

Saint Martins Place – []

Eagle Leather – []

BluAfterGlow – []

Pation Pics – []

Andre Le Coz

St Kilda Art Community Inc. – []

Thorne Harbour Health – []

Living Positive Victoria – []

G.O.T Productions – []

Tony Bolton – []