Jarrod Elvin animation King of MickMacks

I caught up with Jarrod Elvin, King of MickMacks at St Kilda’s Leo’s Spagetti Bar in the hope of discovering exactly what kind of alchemy is fuelling this prolific artist’s brand of genius.

Ignited and inspired as a child by the iconic Walt Disney Jarrod Elvin now resides in the magical world of super creativity.

Over his 33 years he has produced an enormous body of work including original art in the form of comic books, stories and elaborate animations for music video clips and movies.  As an animation artist, screen writer, filmmaker and gifted film editor he writes the scripts, hand draws with pen and paper, incorporating state of the art digital colouring processes and wraps it up with clever post production editing to create original, compelling and wondrous worlds.

His work is highly emotionally charged illuminating the light and dark forces that drive the social, psychological and the spiritual nature of humanity, and with every production he employs deep and substantial meaning to bring authenticity and legitimacy to the art.  As a result his online presence has attracted a vast underground fan base.

The next step in this artists development is to write, direct and produce a full length animation movie for the silver screen.

Shanghai, the eclectic and lively collection of oddballs provide a crazy musical zapping of tangling brass, cinematic nostalgic moods and cartoon delusions. Purveyors of the film-rock-mutant-metal-jumpcut-cabaret styling that has something for everyone, Shanghai ignite drama, humour, and confuse their audience’s dancing shoes.

Jarrod Elvin's self published comic and short story collect. Click here for purchase.
An array of Jarrod Elvin’s self published comic and short story collect. Click here for purchase of comics, DVD’s and downloads.