‘Come Down with Us’ by Tim Mckew

Top image: Publicity shoot of Tim McKew in original costume by Jenny Bannister by Mark Stewart from Herald Sun.
Images by Kerrie Pacholli © pationpics.com
Tim Mckew in original costume by Jenny Bannister
Tim Mckew in original costume by Jenny Bannister

Come and relive some of the magic of ‘Those legendary Art Happenings’ those Dada Cabarets first staged at Galleries,  Street St Kilda; with accompanying Exhibition including artwork by Peter Vanessa Troy Davies from 1979.

There will be four different shows / satires: Egypt Versus Berlin , The Harold Holt Show , House Hunting and The 1982 Stilleto Heel take it off [ a satire on Catholicism ] Starring Tim Mckew, original songs and parodies by Tim Mckew and David Evans with Peter De RyK on piano. Photographic light boxes by Peter Haffenden, photo collages and original cigarette girl by Vanessa Bianca Harrow, original usherette -Deborah Thomas, additional photos by Henry Talbot and Julie Higginbotham, original costumes were by Jenny Bannister, original hats were by Graeme Hare, original poster/ flyer art work and painting by Paul Cater,  new hats by Carol Murphy, original shows documented by Henry Talbot and Rennie Ellis, website – www.timmckew.com

IMG_0634Location: William Mora Galleries

60 Tanner Street Richmond, Victoria,  Australia. 

Tel:  03 9429 1199

Dates:  August 2015 on Fri 28, Sat 29, Sun 30.

Time:   6 – 8pm 

Online tickets sale:  http://www.trybooking.com/IDVK

Bookings essential as limited seating.                                                                                                     

Supported by The City of Yarra.